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Cats won't get along

by GhoulSims

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Cats won't get along

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I have 2 cats in my household and i'm trying to get them to mate, but each time they always hiss at each other and it doesn't work. Is there any tips on how I can make them become friends? Also the "Be nice to" interaction is for dogs only.

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Re: Cats won't get along

@GhoulSims Be nice missing for cats is probably a bug.

The thread for this is here:

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Re: Cats won't get along

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@crinrict Do you know if it's fixed?
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Re: Cats won't get along

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@GhoulSims Do either of the cats have the "Territorial" trait? Or do they have traits that conflict with each other, i.e. Affectionate vs Aloof, Frisky vs Lazy? I have never quite been able to figure out cat behavior in Sims 4 (much less cat behavior in real life) or why sometimes they won't get along, but I've always suspected things like this.


The easiest thing I can think of trying is to use testingcheats and cas.fulleditmode to change their traits to "Friendly" and to remove any conflicting traits they might have with each other.


If your main goal is to have kittens, you can also use the cas.fulleditmode cheat and go into the CAS screen and choose the Add a Sim and Play with Genetics options (with both of your cats as the parents) to add as many kittens as you want, as long as you do not exceed the 8 Sims per household limit. You can randomize the kittens so that they don't all look alike.


Good luck I hope some of this helps. Cats can sometimes drive me crazy on this game too.


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