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Cant choose eyes after downloading a bunch of cc

by Nuteellatoaad

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Cant choose eyes after downloading a bunch of cc

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So ive had some cc in the sims 4 for a while now (like 500) and ive never had this problem. But recently i downloaded a bunch (1500) and now i cant pick an eye shape because all the cc eye colours are in the way. is there anyway to fix this?  (pic attached) 

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Re: Cant choose eyes after downloading a bunch of cc


@Nuteellatoaad, we recently have had a game patch so one or more of your CC eye colors have become outdated/broken.  If you are going to use CC or Mods you will have to do maintenance on them regularly. Raised eyebrow  Unfortunately, the more CC items you have, the more difficult it will be to find which one (or ones) are causing problems. Disappointed You will need to find all broken CC items and Mods (if you use Mods) and check with the creators of them to see if they have versions of them that work with the game update that occurred this week.  Then you will have to replace all of the broken CC/Mods with the updated versions. 

Please do all of the following in order:

1) Move the Mods Folder to your desktop

2) Delete the  localthumbcache.package file in the game folder. (This is very important!) Raised eyebrow

3) Fix you game in Origin by logging in and go to Library, then right-click on The Sims 4 and choose the "Repair Game" option from the list.  Wait until Origin finishes repairing all your packs and not just the base game. (if you are on a Mac it will just update the base game). 

4) Now, when you turn on your game again, it will create a new mods folder that will be empty.  Check to see if your game is now working without mods/CC.

5) Now you can try adding back items from your Mods folder one at a time checking your game each time to see which item is causing your game to not work properly.  If you have a lot of items, you can try the 50/50 Method. (This is essentially testing your CC/Mods in batches, and when you find a batch that still causes the problem, you will have to divide that batch down into smaller batches until you can single out the culprit or culprits. ).  Wink

The CC creators will usually update the CC items and Mods after these updates, so when you find out which one is the culprit, you can get the updated version from whoever made that item of CC in the first place.  You should try these steps any time you have problems in your game to rule out CC/Mods problems.  It is the responsibility of the Mods/CC creators to update their items anytime EA releases a patch/update, and it is the responsibility of the people who use Mods/CC to make sure they are using the most recent version, which in your case was just the other day, either July 7th or July 8th). 

You should not continue to use broken CC or mods as it will continue to cause problems that may get worse over time. Devil If a CC item or Mod does not have a new version that is compatible with the latest game patch, you will need to remove it permanantly.

Once you have replaced all your outdated CC items or Mods, you can then put your Mods folder back into your game. Standard smile

Please update us on your progress! Angel

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