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Can you fix autonomy

by CircuitD

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Can you fix autonomy

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I am not putting this under bug because I think it’s just poorly designed game feature. Would it be possible to tune the autonomy? Yes I know I can reduce free will, but I want my sim to do their own thing. The problem is when you tell them to do something they cancel and not follow instructions. It’s especially bad in snowy escape. The continuous actions are not continuous. They do it one time and cancel. What is the point if they don’t do it repeatedly? It is especially bad with toddlers and action done with other sims. You added a feature to take toddlers to snowy escape...Great. However, my sim constantly abandon the toddler on the mountain. Can you fix it? There is very few things you already can do with toddlers. It would be nice if the one thing you can do not result in a sim just abandoning a tired, hungry toddler on a slope. Tune the free will especially when players give sim instructions. If I play a multi sim household, I give one sim tasks (like eating and sleeping when exhausted and starving) and switch to the other. When I come back to the previous sim, they didn’t do any of the tasks assigned. Instead they cancelled as soon as I switched sims. I get free will, but that just looks like a game issue not free will. Free will means they should do things on their own, maybe occasionally disagree, but not overwrite all instructions. It’s annoying. And fix the vending machines in Snowy Escape. When the machines are always broken, it’s not a cute feature. At that point it just looks like a game glitch. And add a possibility to exclude a sim from conversation without having to introduce self. I just want to cut a sim out. And add “move out of way” option. Sims constantly get in the way and there is no option for me to tell them to move (think nurse in doctors career. Just stands there and I can’t complete tasks) 

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Re: Can you fix autonomy

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@CircuitD “It would be nice if the one thing you can do not result in a sim just abandoning a tired, hungry toddler on a slope.” 😂🤣😅
But I know what you mean. I have a glitch where all my passive Sims return to my parties after I leave for any reason - menus, whatever. And once, when I didn’t have the Eco Retreat, my poor little defenceless baby turned up. It just hadn’t happened before and I wasn’t prepared. So one of my Sims, his mother, my favourite Sim at the time, had to sit with him for the whole party. Obviously I didn’t sit there for 12 hours! But I felt really bad for this little computer graphic.😭😭😂
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