Re: Can we fix/add this shelf suggestion?

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Can we fix/add this shelf suggestion?

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So I was building a kitchen and instead of using regular cabinetry to decorate my walls I decided that I wanted to use wall shelves. And when I started looking for various items in the clutter category, it seems really lacking on items that can snap to these build/buy items. Stacks of clean plates, display china, spices, among other types of clutter and decorations are things that can and should be able to be placed on wall hanging shelves. The shelf feature is lacking and could just use a little polishing.

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Re: Can we fix/add this shelf suggestion?

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Hi, definitely agree.. in fact, my cc 'shopping' used to be mainly revolved around 'game clutter' when I first started using it. Standard smile even for objects on microwaves and fridges.. there are a few mods that make clutter possible 'anywhere'. I have literally a tonne of cc clutter now, and would not cope well without it. Large smile


I realize cc is not for everyone however, that want a vanilla game, though with a mere few perhaps if that is preferable, they are easy to maintain and update when necessary, or remove). Coffee cup


It would be an awesome added feature for EA to consider, for sure and hope they will.  Star


Cheers, and here's hoping.. Thumbs up

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Re: Can we fix/add this shelf suggestion?

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@o40et5gw6p8m    Hello!  I agree!  I'd love it if we could have more items that fit on shelves.  The only ones that I found were in the Dream Home Decorator pack.  Maybe you've seen these?  They hold some larger items.




Anyway, this has my "me too".  Thanks for sharing. :-)

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Re: Can we fix/add this shelf suggestion?

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Hi there @o40et5gw6p8m,


Thanks so much for taking your time to write this up! As a builder, I definitely agree, it's really difficult to properly clutter up shelves without using cheats. There are very few items that do actually snap to shelves, but so many smaller decor and clutter items that could easily fit! 

I'll get your feedback on this sent on up to the team Standard smile 


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