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Can’t catch werebies

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I’ve been forcing my sim into the tunnels for literally in game days and I have had the prompt that supposedly leads to contracting werebies but he didn’t get it ): And since I can’t seem to get the prompt where you meet the werewolf again. Is there something wrong with my game or am I just being particularly punished by the RNG ? 

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Re: Can’t catch werebies

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@twocantoucan , I have heard that it is somewhat random and that you could get werebies from Greg. 
I've also hard that it is harder to get werebies and takes longer than if you befriend a Werewolf with the ability to give a cursed bite. I believe Rory , the Leader of the Wildfangs pack (the one with the blue hair) has this ability, so it might be easier to befriend her and ask for her to bite your Sim so that they can become a Werewolf. Wink

So, in my opinion, it sounds like it is just a random thing, but since you are concerned you game might not be acting correctly, do you play on a console or do you play on a PC or a Mac?  If you play on a PC or Mac, do you use any Mods or Custom Content (CC)? Wondering

Update: This update contains spoilers , so for those that want to discover things on your own, don't read any further!
I was exploring Moonwood Mill and I came upon Greg's cabin/shack/home.  So I went and looked at the warning signs that were posted and then went to look for a frog in the waterpump to the right and then I looked around and Greg was standing to the left of his house.  I Attempted to Communicate with him, and then introduced myself, and talked a bit and then selected "Ask for Greg's Gift" (figuring out what that was) and then he bit my Sim and a couple hours later got really hungry.  Then a few hours after that she became a Werewolf!  

Greg's house is not too far from that Mountain in Moonwood Mill.  From my direction it was southwest of the mountain. In the following picture the mountain in on the upper right and Greg's place is on the left , above the picture of my Sim: 

06-23-22_5-45-07 AM.png



Greg's place:


06-23-22_5-44-32 AM.png





06-23-22_5-37-57 AM.png06-23-22_5-38-18 AM.png



Be careful what you ask for! 


06-23-22_5-42-05 AM.png


So, either find Greg and ask him for his "gift" , or befriend one of the Werewolves that are friendlier and ask them to turn you into a Werewolf.  I think technically, you only get werebies from Greg, but I could be wrong.  I hope this helps you! 

Feel free to update us on what happens! Angel

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