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Cake Decorating Career, Boat Rides, Birthdays, Weddings and Funerals!

by Simminggoat

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Cake Decorating Career, Boat Rides, Birthdays, Weddings and Funerals!

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Sul Sul!


I would love to see a cake decorating career for all occasions (even the occasion of no occasions, just wanting cake occasions hahaha!) I would absolutely love for it to be that you can maybe customise in CAS mode them special orders where they ask for your opinion on what would make a great cake for a sims wedding or birthday and using the right decorations for the cake in the right section of CAS mode or CAC ( Creat A Cake ) And depending on your cake style would be the reaction of the sim, or whether you’re sims going to get that tip or not!


Have matching colours to the sims order so say black and gold theme and as long as you stick to that it would be a great cake if done right! You would also have to know you’re client too because they might like simple designs and others might like the cluttered or in your face type of cake!


An events planner would be great such as birthdays parties or weddings or even just that blow off some steam parties!


I would love love boat rides and also more options for wedding venues and styles, also the option to not even get married at all, what I mean by this is if your sims are naturalists and don’t believe in the social constructs that is society where if you love someone you have to get married, I would love the option for “soul bonding”. 


This could accompany the trait of “naturalist” where once they have gotten to that part of their relationship where they know it will be this sim now and forever, they can then soul bond and it will be similar to marriage but without the big event, just them two with special orbs that float around the two and meet to make an explosion of eternal love. Sounds cheesy I know but lucky I love cheese!


Also a grave topic now (no pun intended) funerals too! It’s a bit of a dark subject matter but funerals and anniversaries of them too!


Signing off


Dag Dag!



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