Better rug/walldecor resize option

by Sthenastia

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Better rug/walldecor resize option

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A lot of simmers use TOOL mod to resize some objects, but a huge amount of players can't or wan't use CC/mods in their game. Due to that I think that it should be easier to resize some objects, especially decorative one. Currently we can only resize something x2, x4 and more, but for rugs it is usually to much. As a console player I have to ask someone to resize me a rug per 20% or the other unspecific value. Why not to improve the existing system and give the possibility to resize the object per value? Even by a cheat.

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Re: Better rug/walldecor resize option

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@Sthenastia Interesting idea. I never thought to request it. As you say, for instance, each "[" or "]" in a resizing cheat will double or half the item, so if you double it a second time, for instance, it's suddenly 4x the original size. Even if a 'percent' cheat increase/decrease option is not possible, I wonder if it may be possible to make items so that each increase/decrease is only multiplied by the original size? I'm rusty on my math, but hopefully that would then make that second size increase of the rug or other item only 3x bigger than the original? (I'm sure I'm embarrassing myself on figures, but you must see the point. 😊)


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Re: Better rug/walldecor resize option


@Sthenastia , this would also help PC/Mac players that don't want to use Mods/CC!  But the console players really need some more love in this game! 😢  You bring up a good point and excellent suggestion!🥰 I'm "me too-ing" this as well! 🤞

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