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Best pc to play

by riverdayspirit

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Best pc to play

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I want to buy a laptop but don't know how to decide between these two models, that in my perspective seem the same and I'm set on buying one of the two.

Which one do you think would be the best computer for everything.

Play the sims 4 with all its packs + cc, for a graphic designer and that maybe in some time you can change or add parts to it.



Thank you all for your help in advance!

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Re: Best pc to play

@riverdayspirit  The two laptops should be essentially equal in terms of performance in Sims 4.  I would probably go for the second one because of its lower price, and also because Asus has a better track record in gaming laptops, although Acer has been doing a better job lately.  The screen in the Asus is also a little better.


The Asus doesn't come with Windows installed, so you'd need to buy a Windows 10 product key and install it yourself.  (It looks like you could order the laptop with Windows installed instead, although no product key, but I personally would prefer to install it myself.)  Installing Windows is not particularly difficult, and all you'd need would be temporary access to another computer running Windows 10 and a USB stick (at least 8 GB) you don't mind erasing.  Downloading the laptop drivers from Asus is also not overly complicated.  If you'd like more information about either of these processes, feel free to ask.


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