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Baby Quest Expired

by Sarah_Gucci2

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Baby Quest Expired

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 Hey! I was supposed to complete the Baby Quest, but I ran out of time, and now the quest has disappeared. I cannot buy a bassinet either without completing the Baby Quest. Please help?

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Re: Baby Quest Expired

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Welcome to Sims Mobile HQ @Sarah_Gucci2


I didn't know the answer for you so I did a quick search and found an answer in the technical issues section.


Try clicking on the changing table to restart the quest.  If that doesn't work, I would suggest posting a reply to the link above.

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Re: Baby Quest Expired

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Do you have the solution? I'm face this problem too. 

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Re: Baby Quest Expired

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Hi, I've got same problem like u. But now, I get the solution if u missed the Baby Quest. First time, buy Table Changing in baby category stuff. Then tap the Table Changing to begin ur Baby Quest.I hope it will be help 

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Re: Baby Quest Expired

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As I have expired this quest while doing tasks from this quest, the game got this quest refreshed for me and I have to start over by touching the changing table again and also I’ve not yet started the Quest this time and now I doubt for the reward bassinet like shoud I purchase or buy?!?...

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Re: Baby Quest Expired

@zahu1314 The bassinet should remain locked until you complete the quest within the 48 hours time frame.

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Re: Baby Quest Expired

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Should be done to get the bassinet unlocked. You could read walkthrough to prepare next part rather waiting the part description to be shown up.

You could do it with time limit and less, if you do read the walkthrough. Cheers up!

Give it another try to get those good Upbringing trait, so you could do more quickly in  any events.


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