Adding Homeless Sims

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Adding Homeless Sims

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👋 HI! Is it possible to add homeless sims like father winter and the holiday bunny to my game. I want to see a few more folks than just those who live in home lots. So it gives the illusion they might live else where on the planet, in the art of the world persay. 


I gave accidentally done it before but I'm not sure if it was by kicking out sims or trying ro place a household but exiting before moving them.


I will experiment  but I just wanted to know if their was a way.


THANKS ! ✨️❤

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Re: Adding Homeless Sims

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Some NPC lose they role if they have a home. I normally delete father winter in my vanilla game because he is always flirty and … this gave me problems. In my modded game he is always homeless because I read on reddit that he lost his role as the user gave him a home. (The bunny should have this issue too if you give him a home)

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Re: Adding Homeless Sims

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You can absolutely add homeless Sims! I have some custom townies that I was hoping the game would use to run food stalls, etc. The way I set them up is:


1. Create the household in CAS.

2. Move them into an empty lot from managed worlds.

3. Immediately evict them from that lot.


You'll then have the option to create a new household to place on that empty lot, so you can repeat this for however many homeless Sims you want.

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Re: Adding Homeless Sims

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EA could also then add WAYS to help the homeless such as shelters, and city/town missions where both places could food, house, and clothes the homeless. PLUS DONATIONS!

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