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I feel your pain, although it was a different issue.  I wanted to see what an item looked like in better detail but didn’t realize I was purchasing it.  No confirmation.  Normally I hate that kind of thing but in cases like these it would be a great idea.

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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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The same thing happened to me. I am so upset and thought hey, I can get her husband to ask her to move in, they are past relationship 8, in fact they are 10. Sadly that option isnt showing up. Do I have to move her put then ask? Because another sim that was accidentally retired, (I thought the heirloom box would light up every so many hours like the daily free one but alas, EA isnt that generous), and after a week I finally moved her out. I missed getting and choosing traits because I was so scared it would retire them when the pop up happened I automatically chose no and then realized it was a trait. And EA actually has the nerve to say this isnt the cash cow they thought it would be and sales in game are dismal and disappointing. The stuff in game is over priced, cupcakes are outrageous and in real life i would not pay that much for one i could eat much less for a pretend one that i only get 30 energy for. Make it 2 simcash for that price or else each cupcake gives like 50 energy. Also i bought ALL the items with real life money to get more energy for bathtub, bed, toilet and shower but guess what. The energy STILL capped out at a certain limit so i bought all those items for NO REASON. I even bought all 4 lamps, found out only one will work, the other 3 DONT give extra energy. Ditto for the toilet paper. Shows you can buy 6, but you only get ONE point, not 6. All the vanitys, mirrors, lamps, panda la.p, bathrobe, dressers, nightstands, etc, and about 45.0 real life money, DOWN THE DRAIN. UNETHICAL, IMMORAL and this is finally biting EA in the *. Theu are too scared to even put a phone number for you to speak to a real human so i am thinking of getting a credit card that wont let them really charge the mo ey, just makes them think they can. They have NO PROBLEM taking my cash in such a despicable manner and trying to get it back, emailing God k ow who and I finally get an email back asking me for, get this, "screenshot of the problem, can I duplicate the issue, and all this other * that didnt even apply!!!! I begged for my account to be looked at and to refund my money so I could buy only what was needed and after three different people getting involved, and 2 more non english speaking people replying, and 17 more emails between all of us, the only thing happened was they offered me 100 simcash in game. I was so tired of emails and back and forth a I just agreed and said screw it. O have now removed my credit card. The thing to check daily specials was on the screen and I was holding my phone wrong and I must have clicked a 9.99 deal and dont evem have a CLUE what I bought but it must have been something clothes related as that was highlighted in accessories the next time I opened it. I dont ever want that to happen again so credit card removed and they will never see another red dime of mine. If I cant play free and earn it, I dont need it
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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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ME TOO!! I was trying to perform actions with my sim and all of a sudden the retire screen pops up and before I could catch it she retired!!!!! NOT COOL EA!! Why is there no "are you sure?" option? HOW DO I UNDO THIS??!! She was my first and namesake sim and I'm pissed!! Also  - there has not been a single solution to this... Hello EA where are you??!! 



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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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@syrenae After they retire you get an option to have them mentor your other Sims, including their grown children. I’m having my character’s adult daughter do that one and is on level 7. When she reaches level et l eight, I’m going to try moving her back in.
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