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@Whol3NothaL3v3l EA did change the retirement to where you have to wait 5 days before getting the retirement notice. Retirement is part of the game. You don't have to retire them if you don't want to. You earn heirlooms when you retire your sims which gives your sims new traits as you progress. This game is focused on generational play. The more you retire and move on and promote the next generation, the more rewards you earn. 


If you don't want to even get a retirement notice, don't give your sim their last trait. The last trait is what triggers the retirement notice which you will get 5 days after you give your sim the last trait.


There is a limit on how many sims due to performance issues. Your permitted 12 sims. 4 active and 8 non active . The 8 non active is children waiting to be promoted and or retired sims.


When you retire a sim, they hang around your house for 5 days. They can mentor your active sims in career or hobby . You earn heirloom tickets for these events. Once the 5 days is up your retired sims get a birthday cake, they leave your game and take their place in the family portrait. The game purges them do to performance issues so you can't contact the retired sim once they leave the game. 


When you marry a sim you don't have to take that sim into your game. You can still have children with that sim once your at level  3 relationship or any sim you are at level 3 relationship with.


Should you want to marry another player's sim and take that sim in your game, there is a sim trade thread. Players will offer their sims to other players so you don't run into the issue of asking another player for their sim to where that player may decline giving you their sim. When you ask another player for their sim to move in, that player will loose their sim. 


When you have permission from another player to take their sim in your game, the original sim gets retired in the original owner's game . They leave the original owner an heirloom. The person taking this sim will get a copy of the sim. You play that sim to retirement and you also get an heirloom.



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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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After trying for months to be careful, this just happened to me.  Rather than taking away the To Do list and replacing it with an annoying sim in a van, a  really useful update would've been an 'are you sure?" button that would follow the retire button. I'm feeling very angry and annoyed at the moment.

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Lol. You just got married yesterday and today you retired your Sim and can’t play him anymore. Lol. How lame. What a short marriage. Lol. Such a stupid game setup. Well, I created a character that really liked and leveled to 50 and today, I accidentally retired the character. I don’t have any interest in playing the game anymore since my fav character is gone. So, I destroyed my house, deleted all 50 friends, and uninstalled the game. Trust me, I will not be playing Sims Mobile ever. I don’t want this crappy experience ever again. I have played video games for decades and no game has ever pissed me off this much to the point I just quit right away. I don’t need Sims so it’s not a big deal. 

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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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Lol. You also had a short marriage? Not laughing at you. Laughing at the lame game set up. Same thing happened to me but I did have a long marriage and two kids. But, it felt like EA killed off my fav character. So, I decided to just quit and kill the game. It’s gone. Deleted the house, friends, and the game. Don’t want this crappy experience ever again. 

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This just happened to me. I finally got my 3rd character caught up to the boys and then the retirement screen pops up during her work shift. Now I have to restart the business career, and two different friendships from scratch 

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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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This just happened to me, I was just completing Llamazoom & retire screen popped up & I accidentally pressed retire. The screen proceeded to where my sim was waving goodbye already & then the retirement chest appeared. Oh no!

What I did was, I immediately turned off my wifi on my phone & exited sims mobile. I cleared my cache & cleaned my memory (this does not erase storage on my specific device, it just clears my memory to improve phone performance).

Fortunately, when I connected my device back to the internet & opened the game, my sim is not retired. She was still there ready for completing tasks.

Whew! That was close!

Hope this helps anyone who encounters this next time.

Lesson Learned:
Don't tap too fast on a highly sensitive device.

Don't play if too sleepy. LOL

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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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I complete.y agree. I’m heartbroken. Too much money and way too much time to have this sim taken from me so easily.
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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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@lovestar28 Oh no, so sorry for you! The retire box is still annoying the heck out of me! I super love 3 of my current sims & still want them in my game. I only retire 1 sim out of my 4 slots. I hope EA fixes this.

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Re: Accidentally retired Sim

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@fancyland Oh gosh, I completely know how you feel as a simmer Frown That's why I hang around the forums so I can have a little bit of a heads up if ever there are problems with the game. 



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