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About the Item limit error

by Phantomlover1717

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Re: About the Item limit error

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@KatlaStorm wrote:

Some items are more important than others. For example: I earlier got the advice not to put the heirlooms in the storage. Late last year, I lost the dancing career and asked EA helpdesk for help, which I got (thanks!). But someone told me that if I had kept the dancer heirloom visible in my house at all time, the career would have been protected from disappearing. AS far AS I understand, the same goes with heirlooms controling traits. So when I get a silver statue or a gold statue upgrading some trait, I immediately put in somewhere in the house (i.e. the «bookshelf» for heirlooms). The old statue goes into the storage.


So you need to start with the important items when filling up your house - and then see how much else you have room for. Personally, I am very fond of flowers, but I suspect they demand a lot of graphics. For some reason, doors also demand a lot of graphic power, so some of my rooms don’t have any doors anymore (🌼🌸🌻)


A question for @Phantomlover1717: I notised that when buying more land and expanding the house, I got to place more items on the property. But is the items limit connected to the size of the house or the size of the land? Or both?

The item limit is solely connected to the number of computing resources used by your "house screen". That includes everything on the screen.  Some things use more resources than others.  A cleared space of land uses less resources than an unclear space of land. A room uses less resources than an uncleared space (unless you pick a graphics intensive wall pattern).

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Re: About the Item limit error

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Thank you @BlueWizardRob for your clarifying answere. And now I have started dreaming of cleared land outside our property limits. It’s A MESS out there 😄! Someone, please remove the wild growing grass, so that I can plant more 🌻🌸🌼 in my own garden 😁😁😁 But don’t cut the trees - they a lovely!

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Re: About the Item limit error

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hi. true, having a nice graphics needs more phone requirements.. but this one is a glitch or maybe made on purpose for some reason.. idk.. i uploaded a sample vid a while ago but it wasnt uploaded properly lol. .. here's the link to youtube if anyone is interested.

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Re: About the Item limit error

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@Phantomlover1717 wrote:

I'm not sure about the camera angle in Freeplay, but having nicer looking Sims asks for more of the device.
Maybe now that the Firemonkeys have taken over The Sims Mobile, they also make The Sims Freeplay, they can figure out a way to have best of both worlds. 

Don't get your hopes up though!




thanks for the update. i do hope so firemonkeys will combine these 2 awesome game 🤗

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Re: About the Item limit error

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@Phantomlover1717, this is very good advice. I lost a bunch of heirlooms as I didn’t realize there was a limit in your inventory. I used to keep all my duplicates which compounded the problem so now some of my cutest statues, mostly the 1st ones, have been eliminated to make way for the silver and gold ones. Once I realized it I quickly put every one into a case so those I have left are all safe and sound now.😊😊😊 I find in general your inventory is safest on the floor although I did have my top level grand piano go missing straight out of my living room quite recently. But on the whole I would say that’s true. So something to think about. Happy heirloom collecting Simmers!
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