About Wumples Quest System

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About Wumples Quest System

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Hey Simmers! I'm here to share some of my thoughts about the current Wumples Quest System! First, I'm sorry to say that this Wumples thing is really sucks!!!


Before this Wumples update, when going to do any other quests, for example the job quest and the event quest are a lot easier to predict the steps and how much time we can play or proceed the quest for one day. However, now the Wumples quest prevent us to finish the quest earlier as it will limit for finishing the outstanding chapters by the next day. And you have to wait maximum 24 hours if you finish the current chapter earlier, let's say I want to finish the quest earlier before today since I am going to work or travel tomorrow, and you cannot do that anymore T_T. Actually, you can think of it, even if you can manage to finish previous chapters on time but unluckily you got something to do and you miss the last chapter, you will NOT get the FINAL PRIZE.


The point is, I manged to finish the first, second and third chapters on time but I have seen that the last chapter only last for around 20 hours, less than a day and the last chapter usually is the most difficult part of the whole quest, just like me today, I got busy from work and do not have enough time to proceed the last chapter, I did not manage to get the final prize. Therefore, what's the point I have to do those previous chapters?


Is it because I want to get those 10 coins as reward or wasting time and energy to do something I do not want to and have no fun!?


I know that Llama Zoom also sucks but at least doing that kind of quest along with Llama Zoom, we can still get the final prize if we work hard on it.


Please please please EA Firemonkeys studio, Be careful to look at this issue! Thanks a lot!!! Again, sorry for those who disagree my opinions, I am just saying what I am truly think right now!

Hope that in the future, they will change the system to be much easier to be predictable!

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Re: About Wumples Quest System

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@himtexI agree with several of your points. It’s really tough to complete these Wumples wishlists if a player is busy IRL on the last day. The last day’s tasks can’t be completed in advance, so if you’re working or have plans, you’re SOL.

Back when we had the Just My Luck event for the first time I was leaving the country and would be without data and WiFi in a rural part of the world for a week. The old event model enabled me to front load all of the quest steps in the days leading up to the weekend and my flight. It was super difficult, but I appreciated that aspect of the older events, as it provided some flexibility with scheduling my gameplay around my life.

When the Wumples wishlists were first introduced, I thought that they would complement Live events with new items and would mix it up for us players. It almost appears now as if they’ve replaced the old style of Live events, and that moving forward we will only see Wumples wishlists and re-runs of past Live events. That would be disappointing if that were the case.

I’m still hopeful that Firemonkeys has something up their sleeve with a really cool big event with lots of new items, new careers and hobbies, new Izzy items, and something totally new with gameplay. I consider these Wumples wishlists as snacks, but I’m hungry for an entree right now.

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Re: About Wumples Quest System

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@simmerdownMAL If they still want to continue this kind of campaign, at least they do it as "Wumple Wishlist 2", I remember it lasts for 7 days and only contain of around 4 chapters, so even I missed couple of days of doing those chapters, I can still able to finish the quest. Hopefully, we can get a major update soon.

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