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Re: A few suggestions

by Rachelharris31

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A few suggestions

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I have a few suggestion ideas!! The first one being a vacation house or summer home whatever you prefer to call it. We have seasons now so I think it would be cool to have the option of owning two homes. My next suggestion is Having to cut the grass!! Grass cutting is part of life and if they have money and no time they could Pay Service gardeners to do it for them. We have all these Responsibilities cutting grass should be one of them. My third idea would fix the game to where we can walk around with the baby’s and stuff again. My final idea for now is drive able cars with car seats for baby’s and toddlers. Thanks 

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Re: A few suggestions

Can I ask what use cars would be since it's not an open world game probably only be in the car two seconds till you hit a loading screen.

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