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Agree with you all.

It's the second Wumple quest in a raw that I am skipping. 

Too much work, too poor prizes.

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Re: 31st of March 2020 - Wumples Wishlist #24

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I totally understand all of you💖 


But please do not forget our all real life situation arround the world.


I am guessing the studio has also less people at work now.


That means they maybe make video chats to work on stuff and so on...

Idk how they handle it...but i am glad that they still do work!!!!


And i really do wonder why people can not say ty one single time to them....


Think about it please 💕


This is all very serious..!


And you should also say thanks to Salixcat and Phantom!


Sorry ...but fact!



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Re: 31st of March 2020 - Wumples Wishlist #24

Its a shame that now even the wumples tasks fallen into the same pattern sts does.  Occurs too often, the challanges are impossible unless ur on the game 24/7 or throw real cash into it and the prizes arent worth it. Same with the sts that just ended. The only prize that was really worth it was the grand prize mermaid hair. I didnt feel like going through all that work for me to fail and have mediocre items.

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Re: 31st of March 2020 - Wumples Wishlist #24

@katclawsx3  i know what you mean. When we had that hottub event, i thought things would turn around for the better but no sadly. I haven't been on sims mobile for a while 

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Re: 31st of March 2020 - Wumples Wishlist #24

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I often try to finish the tasks. Time still passes, so why not? With 2 sims it’s a struggle, 3 sims it’s doable.

There are some tasks that could be planned in advance, so thanks to @SalixCat for the list!

For example, I had a long event started before chapter 5 came up and waited until the chapter appeared, finished the energy consuming tasks (no sim cash or cupcakes involved), checked off that long event (1/4 completed) and timed it so the llamazoom didn’t start yet, got 2 more long events going on, shut down the game and went on my day. Time to replenish all that lost energy and recharges.

When I’m free, I still have 15+ hours left to finish the chapter. And very often, I find the llamazoom towards the end of a chapter is kinder and has fewer events to finish (for me, 2 short, 3 standard, 1 long). The long one already covered, so while I have a sim to carry on with the Wumples tasks, I have other sims on the llamazoom at the same time, saving the 8 hours. Btw, household members can cut the event time by half, obviously 2 sims are occupied for that. While it may not be the best option sometimes but if you really need to squeeze in the time..
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Re: 31st of March 2020 - Wumples Wishlist #24

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@SalixCatChapter 5 step 6 takes 1 hour, at least it was for me. I had thought it was a little too close to time my llamazoom..but no, got the rewards, yeah!


Good luck everyone! Stay happy, stay healthy!

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