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26th of October - Haunted Halloween - Bug Fix List

by EA_Kipling

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26th of October - Haunted Halloween - Bug Fix List

EA Live QV Team

Sul sul!


The full official page for the Haunted Halloween update can be found here:


Here's the list of Bug Fixes:


  • Wall mounted items should no longer disappear when exiting Build/Buy Mode
  • The camera should now behave normally during risky actions
  • The infinite "another land expansion is currently unlocking" error should no longer occur
  • Completed Land Expansion popups should no longer get stuck
  • Active Land Expansion Pop-ups should no longer disappear on zone change
  • All counters can now be placed outside
  • Long tapping on a room to open Build/Buy mode now selects that room
  • Malt Shop Jukebox should no longer offer actions after being turned off
  • The Treasure Hunt event map should no longer reveal the types of events before they're unlocked
  • The Wumple’s Wishlist tutorial should no longer trigger after starting a Treasure Hunt event
  • Improved the resolution, texture, and effects quality for a number of devices
  • Fixed some crafted rewards not fully unlocking via Eco Workshop
  • Fixed clipping and texture issues with a number of clothing items and hairstyles.
  • Fixed clipping/texture/animation issues with a number of Build/Buy objects
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