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12th of October 2020 - Foxbury Institute STS

by SalixCat

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Re: 12th of October 2020 - Foxbury Institute STS

★★★★ Guide
@dissenterjasmine I think it was less days to fit some Halloween thingy. 🎃

I don’t mind less days but they definitely should’ve adjusted the amount of the Royal boxes, give more royal tokens from the quest or home sweet event..
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Re: 12th of October 2020 - Foxbury Institute STS

★★★★ Guide

Finished this last night and lets sum up the damage 🔥


STS statistics from my game:

- 7 round challenges: 12 ( i think this is quite a lot considering the shorter event time)

- 9 round challenges: 14

- 10 round challenges: 8

+ tutorial round


Burnt desserts: 8


I invested 128 500 Simoleons and 47 cupcakes in the challenges and gathered

- 15 800 Simoleons

- 18 tickets

- 9 fashion gems

- 17 simcash


Ads stopped working on my ipad the 2nd day, played 6 challenges without ads and after that played challenges with phone to get the ads. (I was hoping that the iOS upgrade would solve the issue on ipad but unfortunately it didn’t). Even with the ads working all the time, I would’ve only made 4 royal tokens more from those challenges, since they were mostly 7round challenges.. and I missed 2 home sweet event royal tokens when I didn’t get the ad when the event ended. So the ads wouldn’t have fixed the issue that this STS was way too difficult.


I have won 7 last STS grand prizes with the amount of Simoleons I spent for this one STS. That tells a lot. There are several things (which I think I mentioned in my earlier comments) that could’ve been done to make this event easier and more player friendly.  

Disappointing that TSM chose to run another hard event after Treasure Hunt. But I’m sure that disappointment is forgotten by Christmas (since there are plenty of chances to be disappointed by something else in this game by then 🤣)

I like the lobster costume, it looks so happy 😁 And the drone is fun item 👍


Hopefully everyone’s well and safe 😊 Let’s see what the next event is like 🧐😅





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