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12th of August 2021 - Summer Paradise Sim Festival - Bug fix list

by EA_DragonsEye

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12th of August 2021 - Summer Paradise Sim Festival - Bug fix list

Community Manager (retired)

Sul, sul!

There is a new update available! With it some bug fixes:


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when some players tried watching a video ad
  • Fixed an issue where Samsung Galaxy M21 was not recognized by the game and ended up displaying poor graphics
  • Teleportation issue where Passive Sims, in a house with more than six Passive Sims, leave and come back in a loop is fixed
  • Fixed the mysterious disappearance of lights when players did turn on/off appointments
  • Fixed the mysterious disappearance of wardrobes in photo mode

Sim Festival/Live Events

  • Fixed issue where few players couldn't start Sweet Treat Showdown challenges from Parkside
  • Fixed incorrect icons for a few Wumples Quests
  • Fixed a bug where players received Daily Tasks multiple times a day
  • You can now marry Venessa Jeong and make her playable

Fixed clipping, visual, and position issues with a number of Build/Buy objects:

  • "UltraNeo Fluorescent Light Set" won't clip through the walls now
  • "Starlight Tree" won't clip through the walls now
  • "Selvadoradian Corner Cabinet" won't clip with other adjacent cabinets
  • "Selvadoradian Tall Cabinet" can now be placed in room corners
  • "Stairway to Neat" dresser footprint reduced from two squares wide to one
  • Sims now view the "High Spirits Bar Back" from the right direction
  • "Delightful Anniversary Display" and "Swiss Cheese Plant" footprints reduced
  • Fixed a glitch where recent objects in Storage showed up in different order

Fixed clipping and texture issues with a number of CAS items:

  • "High Water Boots" fit perfectly with all outfits now
  • Bracelets are now visible when sim wears "Effortlessly Cool Denim Jacket"
  • Clipping issues seen when "Stompin' Boots" are paired with few dresses are fixed
  • Added a missing color variant for "Kiss of Color Lipstick"
  • Fixed a glitch with the sims left hand when wearing the "Double Agent Dress"
  • Clipping fixed on "Beautiful bridesmaid" dress

Translation Corrections:

  • "Stoic Stanley Gnome" renamed to "Sabirtasi Cüce" in Turkish
  • For numbers in the game, thousands are now separated by a space in Polish language

The official page for the "Summer Paradise" update can be found here:

Dag dag!!

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