sims dont respond to commands

by massiverat69

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sims dont respond to commands

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everytime that i give my sims a command they will stand frozen other than a slight idle rocking motion. if i debug the sim, they will go back to normal until i give the sim a command again. i have removed all my mods but the problem still continues. i have tried to attach a video example but im not very good with this sort of thing and so the file is too big. if i figure out how to attatch a video i will link it here.


im using a macbook pro and i have taken out all mods. i also have almost all of the expansions as well as the werewolves game pack.

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Re: sims dont respond to commands

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I have mods and I am having the same issues. I am trying to go through as much of my mods and cc to see what is going on but I can't find the issues at all.

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