Sims Will Not Woohoo

by knippybunny

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Sims Will Not Woohoo

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This happened after the recent sexual orientation update, but my sims won't woohoo. No matter which save and which sims I play they won't do it at all. They can be in a relationship/not in a relationship and they still won't woohoo, they can have max friendship/max romance and my sims will just deny each other. This is only happening after sexual orientation update and I've tried to change who they are romantically/woohoo interested in to match the gender of their partner and it just doesn't work, no matter the game my sims will continually deny each other regardless of gender/ romantic interest/ romantic and friendship level. 

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Re: Sims Will Not Woohoo




What happens when you try to woohoo? 


If you click on a bed, is the portrait of the sim you are trying to woohoo with greyed out?  What does the message say when you mouse over the portrait?


If you click on the sim you are trying to woohoo with, is the woohoo option there or greyed out?


Have the sims done the First Kiss romance social?  If not, you won't get the woohoo option.


Have you asked what the romance and woohoo preferences are?  2 separate options on the romance social menu.  If you have, look on the sim profile to see what they are to make sure the sims are compatible


Have you edited the romance and woohoo preferences in CAS?


Are you using mods?  And if you do use mods, do any of them affect gender preference?


Hope this helps.

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Re: Sims Will Not Woohoo

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Hey! Did you ever get this figured out? I feel like I've tried everything. Would love to know your experience.

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Re: Sims Will Not Woohoo

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I have the same problem, they had their first kiss and are even engaged now but still the woohoo open is grayed out. What can I do? 

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Re: Sims Will Not Woohoo

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Also having this issue! Two sims, same age, werewolves, in a relationship. One is able to get pregnant, other can get others pregnant. One sim is romantic with women & men, woohoo interest with women. Other sim is exploring romantically.


There's not even an option to woohoo, nothing is greyed's just not there at all.

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