Issues with Import Tray

by TinnaAres

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Issues with Import Tray

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Hey all, hope someone can help clarify what I am doing wrong! 

I used Tray Import to change the gallery images as the generated ones were terrible, and I think the lot and surroundings are amazing, hence I wanted to try to change the images, and not switch the lot. Anyhow, I successfully switch the images (I read and watched the tutorial of course), which are un-edited, just takes from Live Mode by pressing 'C'. 

The problem then is, that even though I have no CC, nor my images are edited, the build is marked as modded. I do not know why, because when I post without switching the images, everything is fine. 

In addition to this, my whole gallery also gets bugged, and does not show my build in the library when flagged modded.


At this point I am just thinking of giving up and using a different lot, since I have spammed shared while testing about 50 times now. But I want to know if I am doing something wrong.


Sims 4 Screenshot 2022.03.06 -


Sims 4 Screenshot 2022.03.06 -

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