Cottage Living – no bonus content

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Re: Cottage Living – no bonus content

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hi @EA_Cade !

i pre-ordered "cottage living" in June in steam, but bonus content was never there Frown could you help me pls?

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Cottage living bonus content missing

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Hello, I purchased cottage living back in July when it came out and initially received the bonus content but now I have realized the bonus content items are gone. Is there a way to get these items back?

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Re: Cottage Living – no bonus content

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I'm having the same issue. I only just noticed I never received the items despite buying the game from a third party and adding the code to Origin before the cut-off date. How can this be fixed?

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Re: Cottage Living – no bonus content

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I thought I should also post on here because my issue is similar. Last year I pre-ordered cottage living and got the bonus items no problem and haven't had any issues until a few days ago. I play exclusively on Xbox one so I had pre ordered straight off the microsoft store. Recently my xbox had been acting up (lagging, not loading games, etc.) unrelated to the sims 4 and unfortunately after troubleshooting in every way possible it ended up with me having to hard reset my xbox. I had the sims 4 backed up on the cloud so all my stuff was there but after opening the game to play I realized the pre order items were gone. I have contacted ea support and they basically said they're looking into it. It's terrible timing really because they just announced the new high school expansion which will also have exclusive pre order content and now I am not sure if I will pre order when I could very easily loose that content as well. I hope this gets resolved. 

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