Welcome to Game Suggestions - LOOK HERE FIRST!

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Welcome to Game Suggestions - LOOK HERE FIRST!

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Hey, Madden Mobile Community!

You're likely here because you have a great suggestion to make the game even better. We've got the playbook below on how we'll execute this gameplan for the Madden Mobile franchise.


Rules & Guidelines


  1. Be constructive in your posts. If something in game is frustrating you, we ask that you highlight why it makes you feel that way and explain your thoughts on how to make it better. Posts that are abusive or troll-like in nature may be removed per the AHQ Forum Rules
  2. Use the search bar at the top to fill in key words to see if an existing post was already created. From our side, it's better to see one post with significant XP and replies from the community adding onto it. This way we have similar thoughts in the same place which makes it easier to collect feedback and data for the Madden team.
  3. This board acts like a "suggestion box" where the Forum Community Managers may be less engaging than the General Discussion board, but that doesn't mean we're not keeping tabs here on the trending suggestions. We recommend putting together a well thought out post and encourage all others to give it XP if it is something you'd like to see added into the game. 
  4. We encourage you to chat with others on their suggestions. Ways to improve it. Possible challenges. You name it!

What is a Great Suggestion?


  • A post that only says "you should put X in the game because it will make it better" or "this mode is trash"  won't gain as much traction compared to others that are in-depth with reasons why the suggestion will be beneficial for the entire community. List positives it will add to your experience playing the game. If the current design for the game isn't working, explain why it's not working out for you.

The information from this board will be sent up to the team monthly. 

Thank you for taking time out to read this and we look forward to how you think we can make the game more exciting!

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