December Arena Change Feedback

by lkbroach

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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

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That’s great that it helped even out tier III matches for you.  It still sucks for me though because I can’t access tier III, so I can’t use my team anymore.  I spent a bunch of money and supported the game, and they just kicked my team out all of a sudden.  Why are there so many restrictions to get to tier III?  If my team is strong enough, then just let me play the game.  It doesn't seem fair to take my money, then suddenly change the rules and kick out the team I bought.      

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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

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@DRockSaints Sorry for the delay, i haven’t logged on here in a couple of days. Arena III appears to the right of 1 and 2 on the first day of the tournament week for me (once I got 10 points the other 2 disappeared). I just looked at the top of the Arena screen. There is a small note that “progress through journeys unlocks higher tiers”. So maybe I’m further on AFC/NFC journeys (now playing level 3 on both)?
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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

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@DRockSaints You need to finish certain requirements before A3
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Re: December Arena Change Feedback

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Glad there’s a post for this!


changes to arena have absolutely killed the game for my entire league, you grind to get players and improve them, then either can’t use them because they’re above the level of one arena or you are matched up against 9000+ players so have no chance in another arena. 

Seriously like 2 steps forward and one giant step back with this game this year. 


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Re: December Arena Change Feedback

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Just make the OVR mandatory NOT limiting player by player OVR! if you are playing in the 3500-4500 OVR your players are limited to 150 my team goes from 4400 down to 3300 AND HERE I GO LEVELING UP PLAYERS NOT  ON MY ROSTER. IF I TRY TO PLAY ON THE 4500 AND ABOVE I'M LUCKY IF I CAN DRAW A GAME 6500 OVR TEAM! Needless to say I don't get any wins against squads with a 2000 OVR higher let alone 4500,5500 and 8000 higher OVRS! Teams at my level are screwed! On top of that I can't use any of the players (very few) that are 101-149 to play in the new genesis which requires a higher OVR! ROCK AND A HARD PLACE AGAIN! WHY EA? I can't afford to level up a team for GENESIS a different team for ARENA another team for AFC and a fourth for NFC! I have been frustrated a few times since MADDEN MOBILE 2015 but this time I feel like I may just have to give up and QUIT! It's too much! SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE! - LEAF69-MM PLAYER SINCE 2015 

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Re: December Arena Change Feedback

@leaf69 It’s a “gotcha” by EA!
The other thing is they unveiled cashing in on a player’s currencies at ½ off and then find out you have to have a full team of Level 20 in the AFC/NFC!

Hang in there brother….. they have more than half the season left to tick you off!!!
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