December Arena Change Feedback

by lkbroach

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December Arena Change Feedback

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Blue I responded to another post on this but I’m laying it out here for comments.


I understand the new parity in Levels I and II but why not III?


I’m playing Level III at OVR 7500 but have only drawn players much, much higher than me!


Level III is not equitable and I would play Levels I and II but apparently I don’t have the requisite lower players to fill my roster to meet the requirements.


EA needs to add higher Levels and then make it mandatory verses recommended. That’s an easy fix!

EA_Blueberry: Updated the title and sticking at the top for others to jump in since this is a popular topic in recent months

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Honor Arena team OVR

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Honoring arena team OVR….why is that so difficult?  Certainly if you wish to play up that’s your choice, but playing down? That shouldn’t be allowed!!


I just hit 4000 and I play in 3000-4500 range and have seen players as high as 9000+ OVR, and a good deal of the time it’s 6500+ range…HOW is that fun for me?  Fact is, if it continues it will result in an uninstall of the game!  EA you need to do better!

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Arena Restricting OVR

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What’s up with the arena restricting OVR?  I’ve spent $$$$ buying packages to build my team, and now EA won’t let me use it?  This is a total rip off to exclude my players from the game after I spent so much money.  Is this restriction temporary?  How can EA just exclude my team like this after I bought all their promoted packages to build a strong team?    

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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

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@DRockSaints @EA_Blueberry Just saw the lineup limits added Arena I and II. I’m sure this was done to address higher powered teams playing the lower arena tournaments. I’m sure this was done to make the tournaments more competitive (since everyone will be in the team OVR limits). I’m OKWith that, but the same needs to be done to Arena III, and higher OVR arena levels created. This keeps teams above 4500 from poaching the rewards in Arena II, but I’ll still end up playing 9000 - 12000 OVR teams in Arena III.
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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

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@ElmoPeabody How do you get to Arena III? I only have arena I & II. I’m not trying to be poaching anything - I was often outranked in Arena II even with a high OVR. Seems wrong that my team outranks tier II but it won’t let me play tier III. Maybe that’s why higher OVR players were still playing in tier II.
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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

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I agree 100% with you and this new adjustment is TERRIBLE!!!


I’m trying to play at Level III with 7500 power and the OVR Recommended is 4500-6000. However, every opponent I draw is “Very Hard” and not equitable for Lesser power players and they too need to be adjusted down!


EA needs to build several higher Levels to adjust for players 8000 OVR and higher like

Level IV 6000-7500

Level V 7500-9000, etc. 

Then change it to mandatory instead of recommended.


What they’ve done is make you reduce your OVR by substituting out your players to bring your OVR down, but they didn’t do that for Level III and because I don’t have enough players to reduce my OVR, I can’t play Level I or II!

They have made quite a few adjustments throughout the game this year that are bad and it always seems to penalize me no matter what my OVR is!


EA didn’t think this through and they need to change it!


Also, it looks like they didn’t think players would reach the limits of goals this soon too as I’m maxing out pretty much all of them with the exception of yardage or # of players.

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Re: Honor Arena team OVR

@realtokki23 They fixed it but broke it by fixing it!
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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

Community Manager


Merged your post into another one to gather more feedback and have it bumped to the top of the boards for better visibility. 

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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

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@EA_Blueberry The changes forcing more players into Tier 3 did have some positive impacts on matchmaking in that tier. It’s only a little over a day in, but I’ve had far more good matches (I.e., balanced OVR’s) already compared to last week. Could be further improved cuz I still had some where my opponent was 3000 higher than me (a sure loss) so a ceiling in Tier 3 while adding Tier 4, etc. would help.
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Re: Arena Restricting OVR

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@EA_Blueberry Yep still really broken. How many tries is this to get it right, 5 or 6? Still haven't gotten a response on receiving a ticket for a loss in a hard or very hard match up. Please let me know if the devs just aren't good enough to program this in or if EA just thinks this will eat at their bottom line..... i doubt players will ever like those garbage auto loss match ups but the least you can do is at least make seem like you're not trying to steal our money....
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