Add Events / Trades to Earn Tier 2 Helmets

by ElmoPeabody

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Add Events / Trades to Earn Tier 2 Helmets

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It would really make the game better if there were some events or trades to earn Tier 2 helmets rather than having to buy them in the Currency Store or pull a few in the current season challenges. They could be trades in Resources or new events in the Training Center. You need them to upgrade any Iconic players and the Training Center currently doesn’t award much of real value.

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Re: Add Events / Trades to Earn Tier 2 Helmets

★★★ Guide
Ok, so I just saw the Elite Training pack in the Resources trades. Two birds with one stone: earn a few Tier 2 helmets while clearing out all the prior season badges that I had left over. Would still like Training Center updated to have events for Tier 2 items, but one step forward.
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