99 overall cap return, etc

by d1Vaze

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99 overall cap return, etc

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Y'all should bring back the old iconic bronze, silver, gold, elite cards.


- 99 overall cap

These new overalls are cool and all but they don't feel like 500s - 700s. A 400 speed and get chased down easy by a 300 speed player. And 200 speed DEs are broken fast like if they had 400 speed. Tbh these cards play jus like 99s back then vs other cards so jus bring back 99 overalls. 


- Custom UT seasons in UT hub

Since we can't play regular seasons with ultimate team, would be nice if we can get a UT seasons under the UT hub. 


- AH

Jus bring back auction house for christ sake. 

So hard trying to find or get LTD or old rare cards without AH. You guys would regain all the people who once supported this game making these changes and returns. The numbers would look like mm15-mm17 


- More plays and Audibles

Would be cool if you can expand the play book a bit. Add jet sweeps etc. The Philly Philly as well maybe. And most importantly, audibles. Like- we should be able to make preplay changes. Simple as that. 


- better coin packs and all packs overall 

It's jus- 😐 not a debate.. make the packs better. Simple.... 


- Swipe to int/catch back or int/catch button.

Forreal, this what we've all wanted back in the game since it was removed. Swipe to int/catch was a game changer bc most of the time the receiver don't go up for the ball and get intercepted. Or the dbs just let the wide receiver catch a pass when it could be intercepted. One of the biggest gameplay issues in the game. You guys keep saying you put a fix in the game that causes this, but it's STILL IN THE GAME. NOTHING IS BEING DONE. Still a common issue and it's getting annoying ASH! And I emphasize annoying 😐 like it's not hard, just add this swipe feature back or get a catch/int button. How hard is it? You guys just don't want people to win and want people to spend for better players who STILL CANT CATCH AND INT 😂😂 games a joke. Please. Add it back, Thank you


I guarantee you more people are gonna leave this game next year without these changes. 

Thanks to Slay and MMG. I'ma be following their foot steps next year if I don't see improvement. They're the actual Madden Mobile goats. 




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