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stick aiming acceleration not working?

by dreadpiratedylan

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stick aiming acceleration not working?

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hi there,


it maybe me but i dont think the saa is working anymore, i have had it set to 0% since it became an option and found my game play improved but recently my aiming is all over the place.


i checked my settings and they are still at 0%


so i tried the game with the saa settings at 100%

and it seems to be no different from the 0% setting


i am on the ps4 and was wondering if this is just me?

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Re: stick aiming acceleration not working?

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Have you tried reset to default
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Re: stick aiming acceleration not working?

Community Manager

Hey @dreadpiratedylan Try power cycling the console to see if that solves the issues.


How to power cycle:

  1. Turn off and/or unplug the device.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds.
  3. Plug in the device and/or turn it back on.

Let us know if that solves the issue for you! Standard smile 




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