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Re: report a bug

by 5qn6d54gtt38

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Re: report a bug

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Re: report a bug

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I have a question please help ?
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Re: report a bug

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Please hellllpppp !
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Re: report a bug

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Help ?
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Re: report a bug

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@5qn6d54gtt38 If you have a question, especially if it's separate from the question you asked in this thread, it's best if you create a new post. That way you can indicate what the topic is in the headline and people who might know the answer will click on it and read your question. Right now, you're trying to ask a question in a thread entitled "report a bug" so people assume that's what the topic is and are less likely to read it.


Earlier you were asking about the wedding event. I'm not saying SalixCat didn't answer it well, but you would have gotten a wider range of help if you had posted it in its own thread. 


I'd be happy to help you any way that I can. If you're still needing help with the wedding event, I suggest you start a new thread and explain again as clearly as you can what the issue is, and see if someone can answer your question. Unfortunately, I know very little about the wedding quest--I somehow managed to get through it, but that was several months ago and I don't remember much about it, so I cant really help you with that. Sorry. 


If it's something different, please ask away and I'll see if I can help you. 😊

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Re: report a bug

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Ok I understand. I know i got help for the wedding event . Now I’m asking for help about the parties . It says i reached the limit it was only two parties can they aleast extend more parties time . My friend invited me to a party n I couldn’t attend
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Re: report a bug

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Lol, I wish they would let us go to more parties! Unfortunately, the limit is 2 per day. That happens to me all the time. 

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Re: report a bug

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Lol that’s crazy.
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Re: report a bug

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How do I get my sims partner to move in . Were at level 8 of the soulmate relationship. & he’s in the portrait but I don’t wanna promote him I want him to move in ???

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Re: report a bug

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Hi @5qn6d54gtt38,

If the Sim appears in the family portrait, it means they already moved in, they are just not active at the moment. 'Promote' option will make them active so you can control them (they will take one of the slots for active Sims in your household, and you will be able to tell them what to do).

Please, keep in mind what @thecakeisaLIE82 explained perfectly in their post: On forums, each topic should have its own thread so it's easier for other people to know what's your thread about and to keep things organized. If you have any more questions unrelated to moving your Sims in, please, open a new thread. Otherwise, topics get mixed and it's confusing.


You can find more information about how the forums work here.


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