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ingame vehicle customisation

by Kinda_like_that

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ingame vehicle customisation

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Hi everyone!


I just recently started using more vehicles in BFV as I´m more of a infantry player myself and came across a problem. It appears to me that I can only customize vehicles ingame, when there is one available in the spawn screen. So when I get killed in a vehicle I find myself waiting for a vehicle to respawn without beeing able to make any changes to the loadout. Why is there no option to switch to the vehicle loadout selection without a vehicle beeing available?

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Re: ingame vehicle customisation

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Exactly! This should be available, full selection of all the vehicles (all 5/6) with the possibility to re-spec and re-skin.

Also a queue would be nice with a time showing exactly how much you have to wait...

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Re: ingame vehicle customisation

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Yeah adding a timer would be awesome. It would make the decision of waiting for a vehicle spawn or just playing infantry so much more easy.

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Re: ingame vehicle customisation

Hello @Kinda_like_that

That's why vehicles are in your Company.. You can there customize your vehicle with a lot of time and you don't need spend that time in deploy screen on server.✌️
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Re: ingame vehicle customisation

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I know that I have to possibility to do so. But as I change my soldier loadout ingame to account for a specific map or just because I feel like doing so, I do want to be able to change my vehicle loadout ingame. Different maps require a different approach to the game, an in that changeing the loadout in the round. And I don´t like waiting for a vehicle to be available to do so. The customisation should always be available when clicking on a vehicle spawn point, no matter if there is a vehicle available or not.

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Re: ingame vehicle customisation

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@Kinda_like_thatRemember when they added this feature to BF1? They allowed you to go in and change your vehicle load-outs even if there weren't any vehicles available? Well DICE NEVER carry anything forward into new titles and they always start from scratch (according to a DICE reply to me in another thread). That's why this feature isn't in the game. And why we never have completed games at launch. 

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Re: ingame vehicle customisation

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@Adman_TorTrue! Also as you could hear over the release of BFV the game was rushed big time. I wish they would get more time to really work out a game the next time. I mean we´re gonna get an additional 450 ranks to grind through, so the  should have enough time for the next one. Wink

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