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ideas for fifa for next gen console

by trickydicky1973

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ideas for fifa for next gen console

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I hope ea sports are going to do fifa a hell of a lot better for the next gen xbox project scarlett everything should be 3 times as good as this rubbish game fifa 20 is a joke please listen ea we want the best graphics that the console can managed not the same graphics as fifa 20 just seen Microsoft flight simulator and the graphics look outstanding life real life why cant ea do something like that maybe put real crowd real players nothing against fifa 20 graphics but I wouldn't pay money for everything to be the same gameplay should be brilliant all the bugs fixed defending really good we should loads of options that we can change everything should be brilliant with this game weather its fifa 21 or fifa 22 when the console comes out you will have to put your hands in your pockets and spend money I don't know how much money a fifa game cost to make but you will have to triple what you spend instead of other consoles im not spending x amount of money on a new console and its basically the same game as the xbox one x so start thinking ahead ea sports phil spencer head of Microsoft said this new gen xbox is going to be 3 times better than xbox one x but whats the point of these developers making a new game not just fifa but any game and not using its full potential of power I don't see the poin.t 

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