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Re: cheater of the day

by tat2jon

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cheater of the day

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Dear EA & DICE,

Simply can't understand the fact that a seller and developers couldn't do anything about the cheaters. We try to do our best to expose the cheaters but still they are coming back.
Of course there is an option to report any cheater in game but where is the effect of this?

It's hard to don't lose the mind anytime in game when you'll never know who will use advantages againts you. Hopefully devs. will feel the weight of this which give many pressure on players match by match or day by day as we try to chill a bit, it's goin' to turn to rage usually or just quitting session.

If they can't respect the rules of the game policies then why we can't expose their name without hesitating?! By helping to expose the cheaters we give a greater chance to stop them.
Thank you very much and Happy Easter,

Easter cheater is here... unfortunately I respect the cheater... -.-"

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Re: cheater of the day

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I feel you completely man!I completely do!!


Yesterday i got into 3 different lobbies in different modes and in all 3 three there were cheaters!! In one of them there was a hole squad cheating,wallhacking!pathetic and discouraging for the rest of us,the healthy gamers!

The number of cheaters i've encountered in BF1 in 3 years is already outnumbered by far in BFV in only 5 months!

I record them and report them but they are just to many!

I know, DICE is trying to contain them but they must try harder,in a more radical way!I don't know how but they have to!

There's only one thing that morally comforts me.Without their cheats they are nothing,trashes!And the most important thing is that they know it!





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Re: cheater of the day

Hello @FreaKKush7

Please do not share anything here on AHQ about cheater..

( @EA_Atic , please delete that video link.)

If you see any cheater:
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Re: cheater of the day

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WindowsManTv as I see you are a GUIDE here in this community, but please let's spread the things about the cheaters as well not just about the bugs, technical issues or even game information.

If they do almost nothing about the cheaters, why are you willing to write there to delete that video link with Atic?

If I see any cheater I do report them but the chance is decreasing as you try to delete with others my videos about the cheater please it's not fair against paid Deluxe Edition Members or even paid Standard Edition members. So bare with me and please just do try to accept it as a solution to find easier the hackers or cheaters.

Thank you,

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Re: cheater of the day

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AHQ is not here for Reporting Cheaters or "Unfair" Ban... Standard smile We are helping here to other gamers with game, bugs, Giving them new informations about BFV..

So please respect that cheater reports are not welcome here on AHQ. Standard smile

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Re: cheater of the day

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Hey @FreaKKush7 I hate cheaters too but the reason we're not supposed to publicly "name and shame" is because it can potentially open EA and their partners up to defemation charges.


It may not seem like anything gets done sometimes but every report does get looked at by an EA agent.

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Re: cheater of the day

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@WindowsManTv_CZE Then it would be the best idea for now to make a section 'CheaterReports HQ' 'report. no tolerance. level up.'

Okay, I do know these kind of things are not welcome on this page, but this page is only which give higher chance to catch the unfair players within time instead of waiting thousand years just to mark the cheaters on Origin or Contact EA.

At least there is no waiting time here as it used to be about any reports.
So hopefully some sort of weight will give some higher information about suspicious members.
It sounds like with my topic I do not repect the page, but' it sounds like the page won't give any chace to respect their customers answers or reports like this.
I did contact already with EA so hopefully they'll do somethin' about it, till then it was my last report about the cheaters, just bare in mind how *' when your chill time is suddenly destroyed by cheaters.

If you would like to help, first help purposefully that's the best way unfortunately.

Thank you for your understandings,

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Re: cheater of the day

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Just be sure who you are accusing of cheating... don't mistake good players with fast reactions for cheating... I've just stepped over the 50 Mark (I call it levelling up,some call it old age).. I could accuse half the community.. there's plenty of info on how to report them,just show your evidence in the correct way

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Re: cheater of the day

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Me too!


Happy Birthday!

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Re: cheater of the day

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@tat2jon I was spectating the cheater it was quite obvious as my sense told me that after he killed me like holly, but unfortunately I have to respect cheater names to keep the community in harmony :'D

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