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can't host party

by AllenSteel

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Re: can't host party

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I am on level 23 and I have the same issue. I can attend parties but cannot host. It says I need to add a trait but yet their traits are full.
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Re: can't host party

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I also have this problem.  I am at level 26 and have never been able to host a party.  When I click on the "Host Weekly Party" button, it takes me to a screen that says to Select a Party Theme, and all of the party types are greyed out.  The first one, Birthday party says "SIM NAME hasn't chosen a new trait this week", and all the others say "Must host a Birthday Party first".  This sim has all the traits she can select, and I have been around and around trying to figure it out.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: can't host party

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In order to host any party, you must meet the requirement first. That is, host a birthday party.

This party can only occur after your sim receives a new trait and also, you should host the birthday party in the same week your sim gotten the trait. Let say, if you received a trait this week and wanted to host the birthday party next week, you might encounter the ‘sim name hasn’t chosen a new trait this week’ or ‘requirements not met’.

Another important note, when trying to have a birthday party, the sim which receives the new trait should be the one hosting it. After completing that, you can then start choosing any party theme for the next following weeks Wink

Well, except for maybe a wedding party but that’s another story ^_^

I hope this helps!
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Re: can't host party

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I'm on level 37 and still unable to host a party I've contacted EA Games about this... hopefully they will send us a link soon to correct this issue.

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Re: can't host party

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Hi! Did they get back to you with a response? I have rhe same issue at level 30

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Re: can't host party

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Never no help on here. This site is useless for that. So what is it really for or is it just for only blahblahblah & we get ignored

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Re: can't host party

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@AllenSteel The sim I see u have selected in your pic to host a party can't cause she's in a event. She will be able to after she completes

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Re: can't host party

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Does it mean that there's a point beyond which I miss a chance to host a party and the chance is gone forever? 

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Re: can't host party



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Re: can't host party

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There seems no way I can ever host my very first party now that my sims have acquired maximum traits.

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