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XP Bait answers

by FreaKKush7

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XP Bait answers

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Hy there I'm FreaKKush,

Let's get started, so where should I start first of all,

As I seen there are already many 'Authors' and 'some of them' just playing like an 'clickbaiter just to get XP' in 'my opinion' it's a way of tactic to earn something instead of giving much useful information to the players. As I said (it's only for those who fits in this statement what is true unfortunately.)
To those out there, this page is 'NOT YOUTUBE' so keep in mind to fit for the requirements which given from the EA Answers HQ without being an XP baiter.

It is up to the questions, in different sections like; Game Information, Technical Issues and Bug Reports so it's include all of this part.

Thank you for your understandings and Happy Easter once again, don't save the water today,

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Re: XP Bait answers

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Well, not sure if it can be called clickbait. No one force you to give XP. If you see a post is helpful you can give XP or not. If a post is not helpful, you can also give XP or not. The choice is yours. There is nothing serious actually, but I partially agree with you.


No one gets money or something special for getting XP. In socials, if you like something you click Like, the same here.


Happy Easter!


                                                                                                    I DON'T WORK FOR EA.

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Re: XP Bait answers

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Hey @FreaKKush7 


The xp is not necessarily representative, the solutions are a little more. Anyway everyone has to make themselves judgment on the distribution of XP. If a post helps or is interresting or informative, you can give xp or not, you are the only decision maker of this choice.

In the end only the Heroes elect the champions and other heroes so this status is a guarantee of quality for the holders of the titles.

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Re: XP Bait answers

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As I saw both of you didn't read the section where is 'As I said (it's only for those who fits in this statement what is true unfortunately.)'

I know this kind of systems already;
It's not about give or not to give or judge or not to judge. I see both of your points clearly, it does matter 'how you use the informations like questions and answers in your phrases'.

Thank you,

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Re: XP Bait answers

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XP doesn't really matter in the end - badges for answered questions go a lot further. For example, I have over 1000xp and am the same rank as people with 300xp.


Employees and volunteers with power have seen it all by now and have a good idea who is just trying to play the system.

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