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Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

by Phantomlover1717

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Re: Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

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@SalixCat wrote:

@Bel_Lamelas wrote:

Do they really think that one sofa wasn’t enough, last week?! It’s the same...

@Bel_Lamelas I also thought it was the same reward, but it's not. I had to put pictures of both pieces of furniture side by side in order to see the difference.

Last week's reward was a 3-seater sofa and this week we will get the 2-seater sofa. Both are from the same collection.


This is furniture from TS4 Jungle adventure pack.


Wumples 3 4 TS4.jpg





Well they are diferent indeed, but what was the idea of 2 sofas and 2 end tables in 2 weeks in a row?! Boring us? Why not a new display for the heirlooms since we only have one choice? Or new hairstyles? Or even something new for the gym like a punching bag









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Re: Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

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@Phantomlover1717 I'm up to this meal prep - I put my my Sim in for meal prep, the timer was going, I set my phone timer for two hours and then came back my sim wasn't doing the counter work. Is this a bug?

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Re: Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

@givememore86 do you mean with not doing the counter work that the Sim wasn't in the event anymore?


do not work for EA




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Re: Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

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Correct. I think I found the solution though, I did all the troubleshooting things first. Shut the app, hard closed it, try to put the Sim back in there. Did not work, tried one more time, put another Sim in a random place and threw out a sticker. I think it works now. But I lost two hours. I think the sticker is definitely the solution here.

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Re: Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

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Changing locations helps too @givememore86. I think it happened because the game closed too soon before the autosave runs. Just don't close the game soon after appointing your sims to any events. Roam a little bit, change locations or watch some ads. 

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Re: Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

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@doodle_lass  actually did move to a different location before to you stick another Sim in an event. That didn't help, the thing that helps was actually putting a sticker on someone. For some reason it puts it in mainframe. I just happened to go to a different location with a free sim cuz I need one that was a player not an NPC.

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Re: Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

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I see... It usually works for me. This looks like that server problem at Winterfest event, but the effects is smaller. Two hours is a long time, and finding your sims not doing anything for that long time after you appointed them are very annoying. Hopefully it resolved soon. 🤞🏽

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Re: Wumples Wishlist 4 walkthrough

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@doodle_lass yes, I'm having a lot of problems with the server. I keep on getting crashing, can't connect to the network. after the last update which they said was supposed to be to help with the Wumples Quest. It causes more problems with my game than before. And apparently I'm not the only one with the problems. They need to do another update to fix the problems. 

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