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Re: Wumples Wishlist 3

by simmerdownMAL

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Re: Wumples Wishlist 3

★★ Guide
@doodle_lass @givememore86

Yeah, I think the steps with the long timer preventing my sims from doing actions or attending parties is my least favorite part of the new Wumples quests. Two or four hours is a long time for a sim to be idle with no interactions to help the sim along. It essentially forces players to *not* play TSM while they wait a few hours for their sim to finish the timed step, and that seems counterintuitive, and it isn’t really fun. I know a few players who have forgotten to come back due to the intermittent gameplay and were unable to complete the quest.

I wouldn’t mind if the timer was 30 mins or less, like the baby making timer, but any longer is too much idle time. The entire game style of TSM is the interactive bubbles, and without it, there’s literally nothing to do but to stop playing the game.
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Re: Wumples Wishlist 3

★ Guide

Making babies is enough for this kind of fixed long quests. It's really annoying when my sims was in the middle of these fixed quests and a party notification pops up. Sure, I can get them to the party after the quests finished, but then everyone else already gone and i missed a chance to get more stickers. Aaargh... 😖 Sorry for the rant. 

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Re: Wumples Wishlist 3

★★ Guide
@doodle_lass with the new party issues, my friends and I have noticed that we only see the first few players’ sims who arrived at the party. So if I’m more than 5 mins late to a party, I don’t even bother going. The early bird gets the sticker? So 30 mins, or 2-4 hours after the party starts — fuhgeddaboudit ☹️

I hope these timed event steps are decreased or replaced in future wumples events. 🤞
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Re: Wumples Wishlist 3

★ Guide

So that's why... I kinda wondering too, why I cannot see any party attendants after a few hours in the party. It happened too in my last two parties. I usually hosted friends only party, and lots of my friend attends at later hours. The stickers I prepared to give them just gone wasted because I cannot see them. 😢


Yeah, hopefully the timed quests are reduced, or better, replaced with regular long quests. 

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