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Re: Why can't people drive

by CN21Gaming

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Why can't people drive

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I don't understand why we need to ram reach other
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Re: Why can't people drive

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Do u know why? Coz there is no penalty system or any kind of system to prevent this from happening. They should add "No contact mode" like GTA and other games. Gran Turismo does it brilliantly. The moment they add that, all these probs will be over. Those scary regeras can go to hell.

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Re: Why can't people drive

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I agree, no collision mode would be a godsend and would fix multiplayer pretty much, except for a few bugs regarding checkpoints.
On the note of regera drivers, on PS4 at least, I have noticed that drivers who use the E30 tend to be even more dirty. Every single time I've played against someone using the E30, they drive like they own the road, slow as fk, wide as hell, will wobble on the street back n forth, and if you try to pass when they are actually driving straight, they will 9/10 times ram you. Even regera drivers I don't see drive that bad lol

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Re: Why can't people drive

Well, some people are just not good drivers, because of a number of reasons. And some are just there to ruin others fun.


I confess that i am a bad driver (because reasons), but i always try to play it clean and not ruin other people's game. But i've seen plenty of people playing dirty intentionally. Not only in NFS, but other racing games, too. This seem to be a problem more common in the arcade racers (The Crew, Test Drive Unlimited 2, Forza Horizon 3) and rarely seen in actual racing sims (Asseto Corsa, Race'07, Project Cars). 

I do not work for EA and i am not associated with the company in any way. I am a player just like you, trying to help wherever i can.I will not answer to any unsolicited PM.

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