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What’s up with the chat censorship?

by Gerbizzzle

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What’s up with the chat censorship?

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So EA doesn’t like Jesus? It seems like the “white male/black male” or “paid dlc/free dlc” again. Very odd they censor out one deity but allow all the others...


I would tweet them but I don’t have Twitter. Maybe a dev or someone who works on their “chat censor algorithm” might have an answer?

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Re: What’s up with the chat censorship?

@Gerbizzzle Generally the chat exists to prevent offensive language. Sometimes "Jesus" is used as a sacrilegious epithet rather than with reverence (or normalcy). I am unaware of any of the others being used offensively.

At one point the word Slave was censored, which became a problem when ships (including Slave 1) were released. As a result they have stopped censoring it. Maybe they'll still censoring Jesus at some point.
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