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What am I supposed to do?

by iLikeToSnipe21

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What am I supposed to do?

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Alright EA, what am I supposed to do? What's the best strategy for this situation?


I go into a match where my level 7 militia get slaughtered by a level 9 militia. My level 6 chem troopers (which are only that low due to card drops) can barely kill the level 9 militia in a 1v1. My level 7 scorpion tanks are no match for the level 9 attack bikes, and my level 7 laser squads can't do anything to the level 9 buggies.


What am I supposed to do? What can I possibly do in a matchup against a level 9 army when I have not gotten the cards in either faction to get a single unit to level 8. It especially doesn't help that you compressed cards for units that went up in rarity but didn't do anything for units that went down in rarity.


I know a lot of people are already saying this, but it needs to be repeated as much as possible. Fix unit leveling or take it out. Period. Full stop. No other option. It's going to kill the game. Switch to cosmetic microtransactions, whatever; I will support a game with microtransactions as long as it's enjoyable. But I'm going to uninstall this game and never look back if Fair Play doesn't fix this or you don't announce a change and commit to it.


I honestly love the gameplay, it's amazing for a mobile RTS/strategy game. It's probably the best out there on the market. But you're going to kill it with pay-to-win leveling.

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Re: What am I supposed to do?

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The only solution at present is you just pay to compete, or just stop caring about medals and DC those matchups and hope you get matched more fairly next time.

I would tend to agree that's probably not the solution that's going to build a large community though.

I wish there was an upfront paid version of this game that left unit balance alone and, if it had to have microtransactions, had them be strictly cosmetic. The gameplay in evenly matched games is good enough that this would easily be worth $10-$20 even for being mobile.

Or heck, make playing it tied to having an origin access subscription and get rid of the leveling that's driven by the need to sell diamonds.
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Re: What am I supposed to do?

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I think I'm done playing until this is resolved. I went up against a Nod player with substantially lower medals than me but with all his units and commander at level 9. I will not play a strategy game that's pay-to-win.


Please, fix the issue with being matched against players with higher level units or just fix the higher levels. If I go into a match and see that my opponent has units 2 levels higher than mine across the board I just quit since I cannot win. It's happened three times within the past two days, once is too much.

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