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Weapon picking in Firestorm

by FreaKKush7

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Weapon picking in Firestorm

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Hy there I'm FreaKKush,

Let's get started,

Since the Firestorm released as I recognized when someone try to pick up a weapon next to an ammunition players pick up all of them with the 'E'.

Situation for example; You have a Thompson rifle and MG as you see you are low on Ammo with your MG, so you head over to a house to find something.
There is an ammunition for your MG and next to the ammunition there is a Suomi weapon so you want to press 'E' to pick up the ammunition but you didn't pick it up but the Suomi landed to your package because there is an icon 'E' and you must to clearly aim at the ammunition just to pick it up so the best way just to make a different combination which might help for all of you there if there is some risky moment you don't have to swip-swap like all the time.

Life changing solution for this; If player would like to pick up any weapon, easier to press ' R(hold) ' as it is in Multiplayer.
to the consumables lke (ammunitions, grenades and gadgets) only ' E(toggle) '

Thank you very much for your understandings and have a great day to all of you on the Battlefield,

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Re: Weapon picking in Firestorm

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That's all we know so far...

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Re: Weapon picking in Firestorm

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I haven't had any real problems with this but it would be nice to have a toggle for multiple inputs, especially on console.


MG and SMG ammo is fairly high off the ground but pistol (I only keep enough ammo for one clip) and AR ammo start fusing with other items regularly. Fixes to item dispersal should negate the need for this entirely though; maybe post the idea in the regular battlefield forums and see if you can get a discussion going.

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