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Updates to desktop for sims 4?

by EricSims04

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Updates to desktop for sims 4?

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Hi! I have been playing the sims for basically ever! I have a very base level gaming pc that I bought a few years back with plans to upgrade it later, can anyone make cost effective upgrade recommendations? 


Processor: Amd FX (tm) -4300 quad core processor with 3.8 ghz 

Ram: 8 GB (I believe can be upgraded to 16)

Graphics: Geforce GT 730


I'm thinking the main upgrade would be my graphics card? I have limited knowledge but it feels like my weaker card is slowering down my game, my game is functional the graphics just look bad and its starting to run a little slower. 


Any help would be helpful ! 


Side Note: I'm looking at laptops for college and I was thinking a macbook air, but if i'm spending 1000 $ I might as well look into just switching to a gaming laptop? ?

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Re: Updates to desktop for sims 4?

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Hi, I play the sims on Windows 10, and it works REALLY WELL. I mean REALLY WELL. I've tried Macs, but it just lags too much. Some Windows 10s don't cost as much as gaming computers, and they are more easier to play with. Hope it helps.

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Re: Updates to desktop for sims 4?

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Re: Updates to desktop for sims 4?

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To upgrade it to something up to date you will need to exchange the motherboard get a new CPU, new RAM and new graphics. Your PSU may also need upgrading.

Look for something with these specifications if you go for a new Gaming laptop.


Look for specs like these:

CPU = Intel I5/I7 generation 7 or better AMD Ryzen 8 or better
RAM = 8GB DDR4 or more
HDD = 250GB SSD with secondary HDD for storage.
Graphics = Geforce 1060 6GB or equivalent AMD card

If you find one you like and want an opinion feel free to post a link.

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