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Update fifa 19 boots

by Dimpz1

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Re: Update fifa 19 boots

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Do we know when the new Nike boots will be updated ?

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Re: Update fifa 19 boots

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FIFA is *. 2 Nike boot packs, the new Neymar boot and even the Red ucl Ball. 

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Re: Update fifa 19 boots

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I don't think there will be an update concerning these as the ea team is not looking to this only fut my friend

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Re: Update fifa 19 boots

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This is becoming extremely frustrating...for the part 7 years I have been a loyal EA customer, not only with FIFA, but with other sports and FPS games as well...if this issue is not resolved within the next couple of weeks. I will be cancelling my EA access membership....switching to PES (to hell with their team names and stadiums and jerseys, I'll just play it on PC where a quick update will change all that and then not only will it will be on level with lots, stadiums and player likeness, from what I have heard and seen, it offers a quality of game, just as good, if not better than EA) So if EA cannot settle this BS and give us access to ALL new boots, this is the last straw...peace out EA. P.S. I have a massive online following. I'm guessing at least $1 Million In lost revenue (annyally) just from my followers switching with me, with all the money we pump into the company ok very the course of a year..

I sincerely hope this gets rectified, because if more people like me do the same...$1 Million will soon turn into $50M, into $100M. As fans, we've had enough. Time to put all that ridiculous amount of Revenue back into the game and give the fans what they want, before you lose us all, FOREVER!

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Re: Update fifa 19 boots

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It’s April and still nothing lol what a joke

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Re: Update fifa 19 boots

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EA said:


According to usually well-informed FIFA EA Sports forum user Davide1774, the reason for FIFA not featuring the latest Nike boots is pretty simple - EA wants more advertising in the game (there are many Adidas adverts in FIFA traditionally, e.g. in the FIFA 19 The Journey Mode).

"Nike has asked for more EA advertising in the game. They still have not found an agreement, which they will find as soon as possible. We just have to wait and told me that the EA is sorry for all this!"


let's just hope, that the new packs will be included really soon.



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