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Update Notes August 6th

by EA_dance210

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Update Notes August 6th

Community Manager (retired)



Bounty tasks are designed to give players daily goals to complete during their matches. While bounty tasks accomplish this goal, we felt that the requirements were often too harsh. In particular, requiring victories under strict conditions often feel punishing. The requirements for many bounties have been adjusted.


  • Decreased the number of wins required for the Victory Bounties from 4 to 3
  • Decreased number of wins required for Win without Conceding a Missile from 2 to 1
  • Decreased number of wins required for a specific Commander from 2 to 1


We believe these changes will make bounties feel less demanding, and we will continue to monitor the system for future updates.

Alliance Donations


Requesting and donating cards within your alliance is an important part of acquiring cards for specific units you want or getting a few extra credits.  The amount you can request and donate across most player levels has been adjusted to be more consistent and provide more flexibility.


Balance Changes




Jackson - Heroic Charge

  • Cost reduced to 30 (was 40)
  • Duration increased to 10 seconds
  • Buff amount increased to 60% (was 50%)


Strongarm - Turret

  • Turret lifetime reduced to 20 seconds (was 30)




Jade - Catalyst Missile

  • Cost increased to 90 (was 80)
  • Time to hit reduced to 3 seconds (was 3.5)


Oxanna - Fanatacism

  • Cost reduced to 40 (was 50)


Map Changes


Down the Middle

The location of the tiberium has been slightly rearranged for harvester safety

downthemiddle Aug 6.PNG


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Re: Update Notes August 6th

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★★★★ Apprentice

Reducing Jackson's cost or increasing it was a good choice, though am unsure about doing both at the same time. We'll see how the turret does, was hoping it's duration would go to 10s or 15s but I'll settle for 20s. Catalyst missile is going in the right direction now, messing with the activation time of catalyst missile (or ion cannon) will quickly kill her, 3s is the sweet spot of being able to react to it at times and being unable to react to it.

Everything else looks good aside from the donations being reduced, you'll have to explain how it will provide more flexibility when rares will now go the way of epics and limit our units we want to use because of level differences. Rares were already falling behind (Though much slower) while epics are nearly forgotten unless they're level 7, level 6 epics are going to be sniffed out within the month with people reaching level 9 units with some having their first level 10.

Another note, are you guys fixing the stealth tank bug with it's re-stealthing being at 3s when it's supposed to be 5s? This bug was been around ever since stealth tanks were first unlocked.

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Re: Update Notes August 6th

Community Manager (retired)

Hi @Mavster07,


When it comes to unit balance, making these small changes (e.g. reducing the time from 30s to 20s) can be better than making larger changes. We'll continue to monitor how these small changes do and, if needed, can make additional changes down the way. So please, let us know how it feels!


The consistency and flexibility was across all Alliance donations for all Player Levels - the statement wasn't targeted towards Rare cards only. The number of cards that can be requested (common and rare) and donated (common/rare) were adjusted at multiple player levels, with the goal of making requesting and donating cards feel more consistent as you move up Player Levels.


This adjustment generally led to increasing the Common card request and/or donation limit at multiple Player Levels and decreasing the Rare card request and/or donation limit at multiple Player Levels. We will continue to monitor the cards donated and requested at each Player Level. If needed, Alliance donations can be adjusted down the road.


I realize the above explanation doesn't answer your concern directly - namely, that Rare cards will be harder to obtain with these changes and will no longer be viable. That's something that we will continue to monitor.


The Stealth tank bug has been noted; I don't have an ETA on when a fix may be incoming though.

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Re: Update Notes August 6th

★★★★ Apprentice

I appreciate the increase in the number of commons that can be requested/donated, but I'd have liked that to extend to rares as well. First we noticed that epics began to be less viable because of their rarity, now rares are at risk for going the same way.


I hope that you'll consider:


1. Increasing the chance for rare cards from crates

2. Increasing the number of rare cards that we get when we buy the daily rare set at the store

3. Increasing the number of rares that can be requested/donated


Thanks for the patch, it's looking pretty good as a whole! The bounty changes make things much more fun. I'm back into bounties!

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Re: Update Notes August 6th

★★★★ Apprentice
Thanks for the answer, Gasty also went in-depth with the choice in the community discord. I understand the re-balancing but hope you guys decide to tweak the values for rares and epics so they can remain relevant.
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