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Upcoming Game Balance Changes

by Redwood_MrBlack

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Re: Upcoming Game Balance Changes

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I don't have the unit but I think sniper may be a good counter to zone trooper. It is locked behind a silly high lvl req though


Edit: personally I say make it unlock  1 level later than flame troopers.

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Re: Upcoming Game Balance Changes

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Thanks Greg and team.


The updates/tweaks make sense. Things are ramping up nicely. 


In the future, would love to see a visual skin to make the game look like the classic C&C and Tiberium Sun.  Help us fans who are really nostalgic get into the game even more. 


Thank you. 


Btw:Was joking with a buddy who was going to E3, asked him to get a picture of Command & Conquer if he saw anything (not knowing about Rivals). He jokingly said yes and a day later sent me a pic of the C&C Rivals banner and was freaking out that I called C&C being there. It was a funny moment.  Thank you. 

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Re: Upcoming Game Balance Changes

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Snipers are an okay counter but too high in player level and they need to either be cheaper or do more damage since they actually do less damage than riflemen of an equivalent level, the range helps a lot, but not enough at 5x the cost and less damage, they aren't the confessor equivalent GDI likely needs, especially given how limited they are in their targets.

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Re: Upcoming Game Balance Changes

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The biggest reason I see GDI struggle against NOD is because GDI has no anti-infantry infantry, at least until level 12. Especially considering the NOD Cyborg and confessor are tier 4 infantry units that most player get early, and why I especially thing cyborgs are so strong vs GDI. With flame troopers and flame tanks to easily counter standard infantry, cyborgs become too strong for GDI, with only vehicles (ground or air) providing any serious counter to infantry.


That's just what I've noticed playing either side. As NOD, get out cyborgs and flame troopers/tanks, or cyborgs and confessors, and keep them paired up. Cyborg handles any vehicle, other things handles infantry.

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Re: Upcoming Game Balance Changes

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I agree Nod is way to overpowered in this game, the flamethrowers are ridiculously strong and the damn rock thing kills everything so fast when using gdi

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Re: Upcoming Game Balance Changes

Community Manager

Closing this as we already have a new update.


Please use more recent and relevant threads to leave your comments, feedback and suggestions:

Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

General Game Balance and Matchmaking Feedback thread


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