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Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

by Redwood_MrBlack

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Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

EA C&C Team

Hey Commanders!


It’s Monday and that means it's time to talk balance changes. We are currently seeing some pretty competitive matches at the highest levels of play but there’s still plenty that can be improved. This week we’re looking into the following balance adjustments:


Repair Drone, while pretty good when paired up with the big end game units is pretty underwhelming when healing your early game troops. We are considering adding a small flat heal amount to the repair drone to increase its viability with early game unit compositions.


Direct damage commander powers, specifically Ion Cannon and Catalyst missile are difficult and frustrating to dodge, so we’re going to give you a little bit more time to react to them. Our intention is to make changes to these powers small and iterative, as it would be very easy to overcorrect them out of viability.


We feel that Warfactory units could use a bit of help, specifically the Rhino / Buggy and Predator / Scorpion Tanks. Expect some small buffs to them.


Pitbulls received a significant health buff last week that we feel was a bit of an overcorrection. We will likely be reverting their health change in a way that is unlikely to affect shots to kill from things like Anti-Vehicle Infantry and Tanks, but will make them more vulnerable to damage from things like Militants and Turrets. This will also provide an indirect buff to the Orca which will likely be able to single volley them to death.


We are going to continue to tweak and tune minor, but important, things like the initial attack delay on Missile Squad / Laser Troops.


The C&C: Rivals Combat Team

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

★★★★ Novice

I think the attack bikes also need looked at as they too recieved a buff and are now a nod staple in relation to a pitbull health nerf also i think the cost of jump jet troops and chemical warriors needs looked at cheaper unit are more efficient and versatile

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

[ Edited ]
★ Apprentice

I think increasing the activation time for Ion Cannon and Catalyst Missile is a mistake, they're already very dodge-able if you're paying attention/expecting it. I mean, you're going to take causalities from a Ion Cannon due to it being a area of effect but I feel it's already hefty cost makes what it does balanced, not to mention that if you waste the Ion Cannon, you set yourself back pretty hard. Catalyst Missile I agree is too strong for what it can do (or capable of doing) but I don't think you should be hitting it at it's activation time, the game already does a very good job visually of showing when these two abilities are being used.


After struggling to use the "Buggy's" for a daily, it's nice they'll see some buffs because man they really can't hold their, even against units they're effective against. Infantry are just the better option for countering units that you would use the Rhino & Buggy to counter I find. Sad day for Pitbulls, it was convenient that they'd survive a single volley from a Orca Frown.


Snipes already mentioned it but I agree that Jump Jet Troopers need some help, anytime I try to make use of them I always think "Pitbull would have been a better choice for this".

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

★★★★ Apprentice
Also concerned about making the already dodgable cat missiles and ion cannon easier to dodge.

Glad to see the pitbull is getting nerfed in a way that might let people run air reliably again, but attack bikes are just as bad in this area.

The repair drone change sounds great, as does buffing predators/scorpions & Rhinos/buggies

Still looking for a reason to run the stealth tank since attack bikes have completely removed any reason I would run it and neither unit seems to be touched on here.

Otherwise agree with snipes on the chem warriors, haven't unlocked or seen much of jumpjets so no comments there, hoping something is in the works for Col. Jackson, and really hoping Broken Mesa (which I keep mistakenly calling black mesa..) and some of the other maps get another balance pass at some point since really the biggest problems with the cat missile are in that map design.
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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

★★★★ Novice

Just got to test out the baslisk and i must say the unit needs a complete rework it can barely beat a pitbull 1v1 the thing barely has any health and the starter dmg before the 3 seconds is laughable even with the 500% increase its terrible 

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

★★★★ Novice

Completely agree, I would like the chefs though to be increased in cost and given a major buff, they are 2 close 2 flamers and worse really.


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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

★★★★ Novice

I'm pretty sure it Is like the flame tank, Garbo against everything except the base, but when it comes to the base you better run.


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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

★★★★ Novice

I like everything but the ion cannon and cata missle changes. Thier damage is the issue not the deploy time. Ive never felt i didn't have enough time to react...they simply do too much damage. 

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/25/18

★★★★ Novice

It really doesn't matter how many balances and changes that you guys do that's as long as the daily cap to earn any game currency is still there any player that has a lot of money can just buy their way to the top going off all the hard work of your matchmaking you need to remove the daily cap for getting the end game currency which makes no sense to even have one

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