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Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

by Redwood_MrBlack

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

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Riflemen dont work against them for *. 1 of the 2 scarabs in a pack will one shot your riflemen & leave a flaming put that also 1 shots any who step on it.. second set of riflemen do the same thing. Cant deploy troops quick enough to use suicide as a means of clearing scarabs by the time you waste 2 deployments to clear 1 scarab pack they have 2 more packs deployed.
The problem with getting an area defended first is scarabs can be deployed so quick you cant set up a good enough defense in time. They 1 hit pretty much everything you can build a " good defense" with before you unlock titans and such.. which alos get destroyed by just 1 pack of scarabs
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