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Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

by Redwood_MrBlack

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Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

EA C&C Team

Hey, commanders!


It’s been a few days since our previous (and only) balance update, so I wanted to take you inside what we’re seeing and what we’re thinking about addressing:


-The GDI / Nod win-rate disparity has improved quite a bit but is still outside of what we think is acceptable.


-GDI Tech Lab starter epics are seeing roughly equal usage and win rates.


-Nod starter epics, unlike GDI, more clearly favor Cyborg. Expect some kind of minor Cyborg tweaks in the next balance update as a result.


-A lot of you are shaking your fist in the sky and yelling, “Orca!” Orca openers, while not impossible to scout or counter, are proving difficult for many players to deal with. We are considering ways to address this without punishing the Orca too much.


-Along with the Orca, some of the heavier air units are giving us pause. Inferno and Kodiak in particular have the potential to absolutely wreck players who aren’t preemptively building against them. However, those units haven’t been unlocked by large numbers of players yet, so we’re still gathering data.


-We are also considering some minor buffs for units that we feel are being underutilized, such as Venom, Talon and Pitbull.


-In addition to standard unit tuning, we’re also looking at the player levels where specific units unlock. Many of you are pointing out that unit counters exist, but you don’t have access to them until too late. (For example, unlocking the Sniper Team much earlier to help GDI deal with Cyborg / Confessor comps.)


Expect to see a balance update later in the week. It is our goal to work out a regular cadence to get you guys updates and balance updates. Thank you for all your feedback, this past week has been awesome and we can’t wait to see what you do with our next round of changes.


-Greg and the C&C: Rivals Combat Team

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

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★★★★ Apprentice

Once again a great list of changes, glad to hear that venoms and pitbulls are getting some love, player level unlocks are being looked at, and of course great to see these patches being talked about and coming out so quickly.

Surprised not to see the rockworm mentioned given the mass of complaints floating around about it, but I'm hoping it gets addressed either directly or incidentally in the player level changes at this point since they don't seem too bad once you have stuff unlocked to deal with them.

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

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★ Apprentice

Increasing the Orca's reload time would slow down their early harass, since they're designed for "Hit and Run" missions, their damage is high enough that they will always be a high target threat to defend against. Am surprised Pitbulls are underutilized, their ability to attack while moving is such a advantage, it's always fun harassing harvesters with them while kiting the enemy squad around. Pitbulls could use some help but i'd be cautious, I feel the wrong buff could easily push them over the edge.


Do you guys have any plans for the Rockworm or Scarabs, I know Rockworms don't see much use but when one gets onto the field it is way to oppressive and is very hard to punish due to it borrowing instantly.


As well as any plans for people who decide to build a 2nd harvester off the start? I feel people should be punished for building a 2nd harvester if it gets destroyed early, right now there is no downside once you built a 2nd harvester, it's always "Free" at that point. I feel the 2nd harvester should ALWAYS cost 60 (Or at least something) tiberium because right now unless you utterly dominate the enemy, you're just using that 100 tiberium to build your own 2nd harvester so you can just match his economy.

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

★★★★ Novice

Another Balance Update so quickly, I have to say was not expecting another one so soon but definitely glad at the dedication that the team is giving to current balance and gameplay changes.  You definitely are addressing some of the bigger issues at the moment being that Nod seems to have an advantage in lower level GDI matches. From my experience this is because certain units that Nod utilizes, GDI does not have reasonable counter for without certain unlocks that come later. The most prevalent that you tend to experience is the Cyborg and Confessor Cabal combo that GDI has a hard struggle defeating or breaking through as if you send Rifleman Squads they lose to the Confessor, sending Talons, Rhinos or Wolverines they will lose to the attack speed buffed Cyborg which simultaneous debuffs their attack speed further reducing their effectiveness against them. The unlocks needed to counter this combo would be the Disruptor Tank which unlocks at Level 10 or the Sniper Teams which unlock at Level 12!


This to me is quite insane as Nod gets counters to this combo starting with the Seth's Drill Pods of Flame Troopers and the Flame Tank  which has a chance of being unlocked as soon as the Nod Starter crate pack at Level 4, if that wasn't enough counters there is of course the Nod Flame Troopers that unlock at Level 6. I believe that Sniper Teams or the Disruptor Tank requirement should be lowered, perhaps Sniper Teams could unlock at Level 6 the same time that Nod Flame Troopers are so that both factions have advanced anti infantry troops available.


I am also glad that the GDI Orcas are getting a possible balance adjustment as currently it is a very common GDI strategy for those that possess the Orca to rush them and with some micro succeed in completely crippling the enemy's economy. The defense to this strategy is that you have to anticipate this with either a few early Missile Squads/Talons as GDI or Attack Bikes/Laser Soldiers for Nod. Ways that the Orca could possibly be balanced out is a combination of these suggestions. The Orca reload time could be increased, a decrease in the Health of the Orca to make it more a glass cannon, or the overall damage of the Orca could be decreased.


Overall it is looking to be a great patch as you guys are right on target with all the issues you are tackling along and with minor buffs to underutilized units, keep up the good work and I look forward to the Balance Change.

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

★★★★ Novice
Great list of changes. Dev team seems to actually take this alpha test seriously which bodes well for the future of this game.
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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

★★★★ Novice
Rush tactics are a common strategy in RTS games. Especially in a game with such a small map.
Going harvester first seems to be a very risky strategy, especially on high lvl play.
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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

★★★★ Apprentice
yeah almost nobody in the top 10 goes harvester first these days, almost always barracks -> infantry -> harvester not to say that everyone is rushing, just its safer to get infantry out fast just incase and if your opponent doesn't you get an early lead with very little resource loss.
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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

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★★★★ Novice

I think venom/talon (the small air units) should be able to attack other air units as well. Would make sense, while orca and banshee still being the premier air to air fighters.
They should be also available early as common cards.

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

★★★★ Apprentice
The talon can hit air units, as can the banshee, the orca and the venom can not
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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes - 6/18/18

★★★★ Novice
Thanks for the reply, I wasn't aware of that. It seems I haven't noticed that in the replays I have watched.
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