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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat


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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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Test Drive is like classic NFS without cops.But TD/TDU is already dead like Burnout.Forza has already gone too far,they try to put everthing about racing games in their project,and that means it wont be good at any specific point.

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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Here for the clout and put my couple cents on the upcoming game. Also not here to advertise forza but say that stealing ideas is cool if they work and Ghost games can take it to some other direction of their own

First of all even though forza and nfs are different. Esentially nfs will have to compete with forza.

Why do people like forza so much? 1st variety of the cars, 2nd being able to apply different designs to their cars ( being able to use editor in order to create any group of vinyls that they want) 3rd new patches that add something new to the game( new cars, events , challenges, wheel spins) 4 open world 5 being able to auction and bid adds a gambling and as a human beings we love that . Forza doesn't even have a storyline or anything really but people play it. I'm not saying don't focus on story line but if every other aspect of the game is top notch players are more than willing to close their eyes.

This upcoming nfs needs to return to  its own roots something that  people associate nfs with. Add the element that defined nfs . Return to street racing on the streets return stupid arrows that blocked the road (or make an option of having it on and off).

When in doubt ask fans conduct a poll with your resources you can make a perfect game for the people.I will even be down to do data analysis for you guys . I know that you guys want to make money but how are you guys going to make money if fans are not buying the game. It would be way better for you guys  just listen to fans from the beginning then add microtransactions in order to get back at least some money. wouldn't it be good for your business to just have lots of fans of the series buy and spend money on the game then try to suck the money a bit by bit through dlcs and transactions? I'm not saying don't add dlcs I'm just saying that if the game is not something that fans enjoy the point of dlcs and transaction will be worthless.

It's hard to satisfy every single fan but that's not what is being asked satisfy majority the mean of the poll results and it will increase profit. 

Return EA Black Box and ask them what made nfs true nfs. 

There's sooooo much you can do to make  nfs 2019 more exciting, theres so much room for it. 

Have a weekly polls about next car fans want to see in the game and have a monthly/ weekly patches.

Yeah it will be a lot of work but it will be rewarding.

Asides from that you guys can make different editions of the game with rc cars and posters and so on have history of nfs comics idk that's another way to make money from fans. 

This year is crucial for NFS in my opinion.


To summarize

Make a single player game with an option of going online

Open world 

Lots of cars

ROOOOOOTTS "Customization"

give us True street racing 

More interactions between fans and developers ( have give aways for best designs, have racing events and so on , nfs shouldn't be just about racing but also about  cool designs) 

Back to interaction ( one reason why people check forza every month or week is because they have cars that rotate and if you didn't catch it last month shame on you should've been a true fan and check it last month)

They have wheelspins with special editions of the cars( its not hard for Ghost games to customize cars and put them in the store for NFS coins or something like that so we have to grind every week or so, so there was a need to check nfs every day) Copy from Forza I don't mind its fun its a good idea

Have daily rewards for us ( give us those nfs coins for logging online to nfs every day even if the players wont play every day they will have a motivation to check it and get rewards "money", " cars","decals"  so much room to breathe) 

Have something new every month and who knows maybe you will have more time to think about future nfs. If you put good work into 2019 you will not have to make another game for 2-4 years which will give room to come up with even bigger ideas 

Online events 

Designs let us come up with our own crazy designs there are so many artists online that want freedom of their own to be able to just go into the game and use car as the art paper

Have a nice story line (I personally don't care about story line because I just enjoy driving expensive hyper cars and being able to customize how I want is my favorite part , but some fans play for plot as well ( I played nfs run without even understanding the plot just drove thats it, played shift 2 without plot)) 


Let us customize hypercars, exotic cars, forza is good but it doesn't have that much customization. Let us change the body of pagani, koenigsegg and so on. Let us add neon lights,let us change doors to scissors doors,let us change bumpers, let us change rims color,muffler tip, add spiners. Let us change inside of the car view. Let us customize gauges, let us add neon in the trunk under trunk and so on. Add nitrous purge please,  split hoods   This will be such a cool returning to the roots. give us this but for exotic cars pleaseee fans are begging 


I know that my ideas are all over the place and if you are not sure about profits once again conduct polls.

and I'm serious I will be super down to analyze data of the polls for free just give me results and I will use R to show what fans truly want 

Also people will spend hours and hours just customizing the cars if nfs will return to the roots we wouldn't even need a story line if we can just upgrade and modernize our cars however we want 

To end it all I want to add my car wishlist here 


2021 Porsche/Rimac Hypercar

Apollo Intensa Emozione2020 Aston Martin Vanquish
ASTON MARTIN Valhalla ( " AM-RB 003")
Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro
Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante


Ferrari SF90 Stradale
Ferrari 488 Pista Spider
The Ferrari P80

Koenigsegg Agera RS

Lamborghini Unico (LB48H)
Lamborghini Terzo Millennio
2019 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo

Marussia B2

McLaren BP23 Hyper-GT
McLaren P1 GTR #001
2016 McLaren P1 GTR
MCLAREN720 Spider
McLaren Ultimate Vision GT
2020 McLaren GT
McLaren 720S Stealth by MSO 

2016 Jaguar C-X75

Porsche Taycan
Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo 

2020 Alpine A110 Sport

pagani huayra dragon
Pagani Huayra Roadster Gyrfalcon
Pagani Huayra L'Ultimo
Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta
Pagani Zonda PS MK1
Pagani Zonda Anija

Volkswagen ID R

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 007

SSC Tuatara

Mercedes-AMG One Mercedes-AMG Project One

Brabham BT62


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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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@GUCCIxADIDAS He is talking about the real true NFS from the 90s,before you where born. High Stakes 99 Hot Pursuit orginal 98 NFS Porsche NFS 1 and 2, search on youtube and you will understand what we talk about. Not all of us prefer this street race thing, some of us is tired of 16 years with FF NFS style games.
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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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@BenWalke   Ghost games please make a very cool game so that everyone is interested in playing it. Make great opportunities on Stance customization! Make more opportunities for visual customization of the car so that there is a lot of choice of tuned and unique body parts of the car (wings, skirts - thresholds, bumpers, hood, exhaust system). Now it is 2019 and it is necessary to meet all the needs of the players so that they play and spend a lot of time in the game. Make cool drift physics to drive a car in a drift was not really cool, as it was in NFS 2015 in this series I like drift, but in the new NFS series you have to make drift even better so that players enjoy it.

 Ghost games пожалуйста сделайте очень крутую игру чтоб всем было интересно в неё играть. Сделайте большие возможности по Stance настройке! Сделайте больше возможностей по визуальной кастомизации автомобиля чтобы было много выбора тюнингованных и уникальных кузовных частей автомобиля (крылья, юбки - пороги, бампера, капот, выхлопная система). Сейчас идет 2019 год и надо соответствовать всем потребностям игроков чтобы в нее играли и проводили много времени в игре. Сделайте крутую физику дрифтинга чтобы управлять автомобилем в заносе было не реально круто, как было в NFS 2015 в этой серии мне нравится дрифт, но в новой серии NFS вы должны сделать дрифт еще лучше сделайте так чтоб игроки получали от этого удовольствие.

2019-03-11_09-24-05.формат jpg

2019-03-11_09-25-05.формат jpg

StanceNation-Япония-2014-68-1200x800.формат jpg

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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Glad there's someone also agree the first 6 games are the true definitive NFS.Here in China most NFS players started with UG1 and MW05,so real classic NFS wasnt that popular.And thanks to FF fever,NFS2015 become widely acceptable as the real NFS(which isnt,and that's sad)As a classic NFS and Burnout fan myself,I find recent racing games aren't simple enough to be just about having fun.And that's why I hope NFS will go back to its root one day,sadly that seems quite impossible with EA's idea of recreate UG1-MW05 success of its time.

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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@BVBgamer88 wrote:
@GUCCIxADIDASHe is talking about the real true NFS from the 90s,before you where born. High Stakes 99 Hot Pursuit orginal 98 NFS Porsche NFS 1 and 2, search on youtube and you will understand what we talk about. Not all of us prefer this street race thing, some of us is tired of 16 years with FF NFS style games.
I understood, I just wrote the latest games that were similar.


I respect every opinion, but somehow the players must come to the concession. If you don’t like street races, need to understand why. Well, ok, I don’t like races, but I like to drive where I want and how I want. And what do you say about styling? I like cars in body kits more than stock, although there is a beautiful stock.

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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@GUCCIxADIDAS I dont think custom style NFS is wrong,but treating them as the definitive NFS is.If custom become a core of NFS,then first 3 games arent NFS by this standard.And 2015 reboot is basically a UG3,which become definitive according to Marcus during NFS2015 launch on E3.This article still say cars and customs are the core of NFS,so EA still refuse to go back to the root of NFS,which is the real core of the series.UG-MW is the hero of its time,but never the core or root of NFS.Blackbox totally change NFS from Cannonball Run to FastFurious.And judging by this article,classic Cannonball Run style wont ever return(They said they wont look back at the past)That's what makes me sad the most
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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

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@GK3512 wrote:
(They said they wont look back at the past)

Including UG-MW, I think they will create a completely new game.
I have a clear idea of ​​a successful racing game, this is responsive steering (oversteer), where you ride for months just because you are get excited about how your car obedient, how beautifully the suspension of the road bumps. Rich styling and tuning, including extensive control settings.
Clear serious graphics with ray tracing as in rendering.
Serious realistic infrastructure of the city. In NSF with this problem, the roads do look really like cartoons, very wide asphalt. Many curves. I'm exaggerating, in NSF 2015 and Payback is not bad enough, but only in some places ...
Story? Yes, but which one? What can come up with something completely new, I can not imagine ....
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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★★★ Newbie

I am incredibly excited to see what’s in store. Like previously mentioned cars and customization are HUGE  for this game and I think that if the wide range of cars like in Payback (even more cars hopefully) and the customization from Carbon would make a solid game. I also think that adding some sort of new features like raising the level cap and reaching a certain level could give you certain rewards would be cool. Can’t wait to start my school year up with a fresh new need for speed game.

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Re: Under the Hood: Turning up the Heat

★★★★★ Guide


I agree with your assessment of NFS if EA is moving away from the vintage roots of the series.

I just don't see how EA can be so deaf and blind to the consumer base of supporters these past 25 years.

It saddens me to see what use to be a true car racing game commercialized like NFS has been done. 

I understand the business side of these car games. 

The business model is to promote car manufacturers and parts manufactures.

In also is brand name food and beverage services.

Financial services also play a role in this NFS series. 

A network and contracts with the Billion dollar EA corporation makes it a win situation for them. 

As I have seen through the music industry back in the 1980's when an Artist took a contract deal with a major label. 

The band got paid based on unit sales.

A percentage of profits was paid to the band.

Once a band became commercial it was a sign the band sold out and the sound of the music changed. 

My point with this example is EA had a platinum series when the first five games came out in the 1990's.

Today in 2019 the game has lost base with it's roots and many fans have walked away altogether!

So my conclusion is EA should not call the next game NFS if the game is more experimentation and gimmicks.

EA needs to stop the Casino style cash for play in the series too. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the topic. 

Have a great day 👍😁

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