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UFC 4 Beta Invitation Issues

by tygh23634572

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UFC 4 Beta Invitation Issues

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Was invited to the UFC 4 closed beta. Two issues so far. 


1) The game installed as 'Lorem Ipsum I' based on the code I was given and is 10.47 GB. Currently completing the DL. 

2) The forum I was directed to from the email provided me with an 'access denied' page. I cannot provide feedback without proper access. 



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Re: UFC 4 Beta Invitation Issues

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Community Manager


Hey, all.

Thank you for signing up for the UFC 4 Closed Beta and obviously this is not the start we wanted many of you to have here. We want to make sure you are able to play the game while it's live and get you in the octagon as quickly as possible.

Here's the situation:

- We had players report invalid codes to us here on the forums, social media, and through our Live-Support team at We quickly notified the relevant teams in charge of handling this and I can confirm that if you've signed up for the UFC 4 Closed Beta, our Support team will be able to verify this and assist you if you were not issued the code for the correct platform.

- If you did not sign up for the UFC 4 Closed Beta during the registration window our Support team will not be able to grant a code.


- To avoid any further confusion, when you redeem the code the game will not show up as UFC 4. "Lorem ipsum" is a placeholder text.


If you need to contact our Support team via live-chat, phone, or on social media here are your options below:

EA Help on Twitter


- If you are having trouble accessing the UFC 4 Closed Beta forums, please try logging out of your account and then log back in. Remember, you'll only be able to access those boards on the account you signed up for. Double-check the email address received the email on about the Closed Beta and ensure you're using that to login to these forums. I've seen cases in the past where it's simply just not logging into the correct account. 

- Per the agreement, please do not share any content, record any footage, or discuss the game on these public boards. All discussions on the UFC 4 Closed Beta must be directed to the UFC 4 Closed Beta boards. 


- We do not recommend "trading codes" with other players on these forums as there is no guarantee the other person will hold up their end of the bargain when trading, which is an example of scams and phishing attempts:

Thank you for signing up for the UFC 4 Closed Beta and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the game soon.


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Re: UFC 4 Beta Invitation Issues

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Same here man!

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Re: UFC 4 Beta Invitation Issues

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Ufc 4 beta problem

★ Novice

The ufc 4 beta code that ea sent to me doesnt work

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ufc 4 beta issues

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★★★★★ Novice

i had signed up for a ps4 beta code and somehow got a  cbox one code ??

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Code not working

★★ Novice

I received the code couple of minutes ago and when I enter it it says the code u enter may not be correct.ive tried million times I'm not typing it wrong

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ea ufc 4 beta code

★★★★★ Newbie

i cannot redeem the code received in an email.

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Re: UFC 4 Beta Invitation Issues

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same issue here!

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UFC 4 beta issue

★ Novice

Went to enter in the code and get the download it's showing a completely different name in a another language?? 

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Re: UFC 4 beta issue

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It seems to be the correct download just issues with file name. I believe the file name is Lorem lpsum l

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